What I’m Reading…The Post Mistress

I just finished up the book, The Postmistress by Sarah Blake.

I had read a blog post from Mary over at Country Threads and they recommended it so I thought I would give it a try…and I agree it was a good book.  I listened to the audiobook version..luckily our online library had it and I didn’t even have to wait.  That rarely happens.

The book takes place during WWII before the US enters the war.  That’s always a time period I enjoy reading about.  The are about three different stories going on in the book and honestly, I listened to the first chapter and was really confused..I listened some more and finally got the hang of how the author skips from one story to the next.  There are three main female characters, Iris, Frankie and Emma.  The story rotates between the characters.

I love the descriptions…I love the wordings the author uses…I love the time period and premise of the story but there were a couple things that could have happened to make it just a little better.  I would have loved to FEEL the characters.  It seemed more like I was being told the story rather than like I was a part of the story…I like books that are so good that I almost feel like I become the character.  This one doesn’t do that.  I almost wish the story would have went in depth with one of the characters and let the others be supporting roles.

I still enjoyed the book and would not be afraid to try another book from this author.  I would give it four stars…good, just not AMAZING.

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading…The Post Mistress”

  1. Laurel from NW Iowa

    I listened to this on CD and agree that it was confusing at times. Focusing on one character would have been better. But the story got us to and from the Mayo Clinic, so that was good!

  2. I find that many audio books are abridged. Perhaps that was the reason it felt disjointed. Audio books seem like such a good way to pass the time while doing something else, but I have passed them up because I don’t want to miss any little bit of a good book.

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