What I’m Reading: The Night Strangers

A Ruby update is here and a giveaway is here.

Now for the book:  I am about half finished the book The Night Strangers: A Novel by Chris Bohjalian.

I have read LOTS of the other books by this author and have liked or loved them all-but occasionally there is a dud.  This one..I still haven’t decided about-I’m thinking it’s a dud.  I am not into ghosts or witches and I am getting a vibe that both of these things are going to play a role in the story.   Then there was a mom kissing amom situation. I honestly got to the point that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue as I really don’t like any of the topics.  Then I went to Amazon and read the reviews….they weren’t very encouraging either.

I do remember LOVING his book The Double Bind (Vintage Contemporaries).

I’m on chapter five…do I keep reading?  I’d hate to miss a book that ends up good.  Has anyone read it to let me know if it is worth my time?

If you’re looking for the book here is a link to the book version..The Night Strangers: A Novel and here is a link to the Kindle version The Night Strangers.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Night Strangers”

  1. It’s okey to skim a book you are reading. I have done that on those I am not sure. And if it does start to click for you, give it up and move on. Too many books out there to waste your time on one you aren’t enjoying, you can always go back if reviews make you feel like you missed something

  2. i’ve come across books that didn’t grab me in the beginning and been in the same quandry that you find yourself in; do i continue or do i toss the book?

    the one thing that has helped me decide in a case like this, is to think of the book as though I were a batter (reader) facing a pitcher (book author). everything i don’t like about the book i consider as a strike, and if the pitcher dishes up three strikes in a row, i toss the book and find something else to continue on with.
    Considering that you’re only on chapter 5 and you’ve already been pitched three strikes by the author, my vote would be to toss the book and start something else.

  3. I can relate also…it is a wonderful option with Kindles to sample a book and if it is by an author I have loved in the past I sometimes buy the book…even though I’m not thrilled with the sample. So far if the sample left me wanting and I bought the book…I regretted it.

  4. This is my thought…Life is too short and there are too many GOOD books out there – if it doesn’t grab me from the get go….I move on to another….usually if I start to think to myself “I hope this gets better…” that’s my cue to close (delete, return) the book….maybe I’ve missed out on a few that I would have liked had I continued….but I don’t have time to worry about that – I’m too busy enjoying the next book on my list! :)

  5. Hi Jo,
    I read the Double Bind and was caught hook, line, and sinker…a good read. This book? Well, like you I thought it might get better so I kept reading and wondering when it would really get good. It never happened. I recommend reading the last chapter so you know what happens, but I found the conclusion very disappointing. I didn’t like the ending at all.

    So glad that Ruby is perking up!

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