What I’m Reading: The Light Behind the Window

I recently finished listening to the audio book The Light Behind the Window by  Lucinda Riley.  The description of the audio book told it was a WWII/present day story and those seem to always catch me.  I love how history has an impact on today and books like these often show that connection.

The premise of the story was good…but did I like it?
Yes..I did.  I was a long book.  At the start of the book I wasn’t in love.  I listened on and was soon “caught” and was happily listening along.  I even found myself wanting to listen longer.  That’s always the sign of a good book.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:
THE PRESENT – After her mother’s death, Emilie de la Martiniéres finds herself the sole inheritor of a chateau in the south of France. There she discovers an old notebook which leads her along a journey to unravel the tragic love story of the mysterious Sophia.

THE PAST (1943). Constance Carruthers, arrives in occupied Paris at the height of conflict. There she stumbles into the heart of a wealthy family and is drawn into a web of deception, the repercussions of which will affect generations to come.”

That’s not the best description but I can’t really say a lot more than that because it might give the story away.  Amazon readers give the book 4.4 stars and I’d have to agree.  I checked out Amazon and happily the author has several more books that I will be sure to check into.  I love finding new authors.

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