What I’m Reading: The Last Night in London

I found this book through my online library.  I keep a full list of books on my waitlist and this book, The Last Night in London by Karen White, had been on my waitlist for some time.  I was so happy when for it to finally become available.

I am sometimes nervous to read books that have been on my waitlist for so long.  I have anticipated getting the books and anticipated them being good.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and they are even better.  Sometimes, I am sadly disappointed.  This time I was pleasantly surprised.

The book has a lot of mystery to it.  There is intrigue and spies all brought together by WWII.  There are actually a couple of mysteries so it’s even more intriguing.

Here is what Amazon has to say:
London, 1939. Beautiful and ambitious Eva Harlow and her American best friend, Precious Dubose, are trying to make their way as fashion models. When Eva falls in love with Graham St. John, an aristocrat and Royal Air Force pilot, she can’t believe her luck—she’s getting everything she ever wanted. Then the Blitz devastates her world, and Eva finds herself slipping into a web of intrigue, spies, and secrets. As Eva struggles to protect her friendship with Precious and everything she holds dear, all it takes is one unwary moment to change their lives forever…

London, 2019. American journalist Maddie Warner, whose life has been marked by the tragic loss of her mother, travels to London to interview Precious about her life in pre-WWII London. Maddie has been careful to close herself off to others, but in Precious she recognizes someone whose grief rivals her own—but unlike Maddie, Precious hasn’t allowed it to crush her.  Maddie finds herself drawn to both Precious and to Colin, her enigmatic surrogate nephew.  As Maddie gets closer to her, she begins to unravel Precious’s haunting past—a story of friendship, betrayal, and the unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

Amazon readers give the book 4.6 stars.  I would have to agree.  At first, the book seemed a little slow…that quickly changed and I was hooked on the book.  It ended up awesome!!

I was super excited when writing this post.  I went to Amazon and checked out the author.  She has LOTS of books.  Karen White is a new author to me and knowing there are lots more to read and choose from.  I love finding a new author!!

You can find The Last Night in London HERE on Amazon.  You can find a listing of all of the books by Karen White HERE.

Can you guess where I went immediately after writing this post?  If you guessed to my online library to reserve more Karen White books, you are right!

6 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Last Night in London”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Always wonderful to find a new author you enjoy reading! I was just talking to a friend about Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and the first author I fell in love with from those books was Dorothy Gilman with her Unexpected Mrs. Polifax. I have read that series many times and still enjoy it! So glad you found another author you enjoy!

  2. I am reading that book now and really enjoying it. I live in Mount Pleasant, which is just over the bridge from Charleston SC, so I started out reading Karen White’s books based in Charleston (Tradd Street series). This is the first book I have read by her that wasn’t part of that series. Curious to see how this book ends…..I find myself wondering if this is what happened and maybe this happened…..but I haven’t figured it out yet. I noticed you didn’t say it was predictable!

  3. I recently discovered this author and I really enjoy her books. So thankful they aren’t filled with a lot of cursing and bad language. This book was especially enjoyed. I picked up 2 more of her books at the library yesterday and have a couple of the Tradd Street series on order. I look forward to your blog posts each day and delight in seeing the pictures of your family especially those Grands. You are blessed.

  4. Jo, I am interested in your online library. May I ask you for the link or name? Our local library doesn’t always have the books I am looking for.

    1. I use Bridges which is an Iowa thing I think…and I use Hoopla. I like Hoopla as there is no waitlist for books. You might have to investigate and get a library card at your county library if your local library doesn’t offer these services.

  5. Read this earlier in the year and was mesmerized by the plot twists. So glad you liked it too. Didn’t know the author was so prolific; will need to find more of her books too!

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