What I’m Reading: The Last Kind Words

I recently finished up listening to the audio book The Last Kind Words: A Novel by Tom Piccirilli.

This is a good who dun it kind of book with lots of questions needing to be answered.  It’s about a dysfunctional family with links to thievery and petty crime until one day the oldest brother, Collie, of the family completely breaks down and goes on a murder spree.  Why did he do it?  Was he the murderer of all of the victims?  Terry Rand comes back to his home town to visit his brother one last time before he is executed for his crime and is drawn into the dysfunction while trying to understand how his brother could have snapped.

Amazon gives the book 4.5 stars.  I think I would give it four stars.  It was a good book one that if you are crime novel reader you’ll likely find a good read.  It kept my attention and kept me sewing on one of my deadline projects.

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