What I’m Reading: The Girl Who Wrote in Silk

I just finished listening to the audio book The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes.  This is a book that was recommended to me by a blog reader.

The book toggles between two stories, one of present day, and one from long ago.  I really loved the story premise.  The toggling between the stories was done well.  I have to say that there is something that didn’t quite catch me and after thinking about it more, I believe the thing that I didn’t like was the reader.  Remember I listened to an audio book.  The reader has a clinical chopped voice and I think that’s something that didn’t sit the best with me.  The story good…the plot…good.  Admittedly it was a little predictable, but still very worthy of a read.

I would recommend reading this vs listening.  I think you’ll have a more enjoyable experience.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Inara Erickson is exploring her deceased aunt’s island estate when she finds an elaborately stitched piece of fabric hidden in the house. As she peels back layer upon layer of the secrets it holds, Inara’s life becomes interwoven with that of Mei Lein, a young Chinese girl mysteriously driven from her home a century before. Through the stories Mei Lein tells in silk, Inara uncovers a tragic truth that will shake her family to its core ― and force her to make an impossible choice.  Inspired by true events, Kelli Estes’s brilliant and atmospheric debut serves as a poignant tale of two women determined to do the right thing, and the power of our own stories.”

Amazon readers say 4.5 stars…I will say 4.2 for the story.  This is definitely a book I would have preferred to read over listen to.  Anyone else read it?  What did you think.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Girl Who Wrote in Silk”

  1. I agree with you re the reader. I really enjoyed the history part of it. Not true to fact but in general it happened. I have been to Seattle and it is fun to read a book that refers to places you know about. I plan to buy the book for my daughter that lives on Union Lake and myself. Five stars for me.

  2. I listened to it too and liked the historical story. The modern day romance was too predictable, and I did not like the main character in the modern story. She was too whiny for me and seemed to feel entitled to her father’s money, even before he died. But I knew nothing much about the Chinese exclusion acts before listening to the book, so it was worth the time I spent on it.

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