What I’m Reading: The Dogs Were Rescued and So Was I

You might remember I read a book by Teresa J. Rhyne called The Lived and so Will I.  I really liked the book and could totally relate.  The book is a memoir.  In it, the author shares about her life with her beagle who she rescued who ended up getting cancer as well as experience with breast cancer.  The book was great.  Well, the author had another book and I wanted to read it…the book is The Dogs were Rescued and So Was I.

I loved her first book…this second book was a little different.  The author goes on to explore a vegan lifestyle along with telling us the escapades of adopting rescue dogs.  I can’t say I loved the book as I’m not completely onboard with a vegan lifestyle.  It was good for me to think and consider the thoughts of someone who was entertaining a vegan lifestyle.  I don’t mind reading or listening to the opinion of others.  I think it makes me a more well rounded person.  I learn to see things from other points of view.

I grew up on a farm.  We treated our animals well.  Kramer worked on a farm.  They treated their animals well.  I know that is not universal.  I remember crying over sick cows…nursing baby pigs that would have otherwise been killed at birth.  Yes, in the end, they were all slaughtered but I think we were very humane to them.  I try to buy eggs from local people I know.  I do the same with meat.  I feel informed and comfortable with my decision to eat meat.

What I did learn from the book is the extensive testing done on dogs.  I am not a fan of that and plan to learn more about that.

I do love the writer’s way of writing.  She can take even serious issues and make them lighthearted.  In the future I will read other books should she write them.

Here is what Amazon has to say:A new memoir from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dog Lived (And So Will I) Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle had both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer, Teresa is devastated. She embarks on a massive lifestyle shift-embracing a more animal-friendly approach and trying to find her place somewhere between a hippie in a hemp skirt and a hypocrite in leather high heels. And then she realizes that Seamus wasn’t the only beagle who needed rescuing…The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I) is the poignant yet hilarious exploration of how you move forward when you’ve done everything you can and it’s still not enough.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.7 stars.  I would say 4.2 stars.  I did like the first book that was free of the animal rights and vegan opinions.  I think mostly because I could relate to that book more.

You can find the book HERE.  If you are new to this author, I highly recommend reading this book first, The Lived and so Will I.

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