What I’m Reading: The Dirty South

I’m a police/crime junkie girl.  I enjoy books with a whodunit theme.  If they involve police and lawyers all the better.  I thought this book, The Dirty South by John Connolly, might just be the book for me.

The Dirty South: Charlie Parker, Book 18
If you like audiobooks, let me say, I love this reader.  He does a great job and his voice is perfect for the book.

So did I like the book?  Yes…but.  I have been so busy lately, I’ve listened to this here and there and haven’t had a long time to really concentrate on the book.  There are several characters in the book…actually a lot so there was a lot to keep track of.  That made listening a little hard as I had to reacclimate to all the characters so often.  I really don’t think it’s the fault of the book.  It’s more the fault of my concentration and the way I was listening.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:
It is 1997, and someone is slaughtering young women in Burdon County, Arkansas.

But no one in the Dirty South wants to admit it.

In an Arkansas jail cell sits a former NYPD detective, stricken by grief. He is mourning the death of his wife and child and searching in vain for their killer. Obsessed with avenging his lost family, his life is about to take a shocking turn.

Witness the dawning of a conscience.

Witness the birth of a hunter.

Witness the becoming of Charlie Parker.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.4 stars.  I’d say I agree.

You can find this book HERE if you are interested.

In writing this review I found out that I am VERY late to the party.  This book is part of a series.  I wouldn’t have guessed that so that is a great compliment to the author as often with series books the readers can tell.  Anyway, this is book #18 of the Charlie Parker series.  Oh my.  As I said, I’m VERY late for the party.  I’m off to check out other books and hopefully, I can find book #1 at my online library.

You can find book #1of the series HERE.

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  1. It’ll make much more sense to you if you read this series in order. Great author and an interesting character in Charlie Parker. Enjoy!

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