What I’m Reading: The Day Lincoln Lost

I was excited when I saw this book.  I thought hmm, something historic, that’s perfect from me.  I love Lincoln so this would be right up my alley.
The book is The Day Lincoln Lost by Charles Rosenberg.

This book didn’t impress me.  I had listened to it to the point I was at the halfway mark.  I wasn’t excited about it.  I ended up sidetracked listening to podcasts but then realized the book was going to expire so I went back to the book thinking it had to get better….it really didn’t.

There really was no culmination in the book.

Here’s what Amazon has to say:
Abby Kelley Foster arrived in Springfield, Illinois, with the fate of the nation on her mind. Her fame as an abolitionist speaker had spread west and she knew that her first speech in the city would make headlines. One of the residents reading those headlines would be none other than the likely next president of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln, lawyer and presidential candidate, knew his chances of winning were good. All he had to do was stay above the fray of the slavery debate and appear the voice of reason until the people cast their votes. The last thing he needed was a fiery abolitionist appearing in town. When her speech sparks violence, leading to her arrest and a high-profile trial, he suspects that his political rivals have conspired against him.

President James Buchanan is one such rival. As his term ends and his political power crumbles, he gathers his advisers at the White House to make one last move that might derail Lincoln’s campaign, steal the election and throw America into chaos.

A fascinating historical novel and fast-paced political thriller of a nation on the cusp of civil war, The Day Lincoln Lost offers an unexpected window into one of the most consequential elections in our country’s history.

Amazon readers gave the book 4 stars.  I’d have to agree.  There really wasn’t a complete plot to this book.

You can find the book HERE.  If you’re looking for a book, I’d skip this one and find a better one here in my Amazon Store.

Has anyone else read this book?  What did you think?

1 thought on “What I’m Reading: The Day Lincoln Lost”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Why would you rate it a 4 if you wouldn’t recommend it and had a hard time getting through it? I think that would deserve a lower rating. Just curious…my rating system must be harder than yours because if I give a book a 4 star rating, I find it a good read with flaws that can be overlooked because the book as a whole was good. Just from your review, I would give this book a 2 under my rating system.

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