What I’m Reading: Still Missing

Here is the latest book I’ve read (or actually listened to), Still Missing by Chevy Stevens.

Lately most of the books that I have told you about all have an element that doesn’t allow me to imagine myself as the character and become completely imersed in the book…well this one does.  It’s good.

Annie the main character in the book is abducted and taken to a mountain cabin where she is forced to spend her life.  Annie is smart, yet gets sucked in at times, almost having feelings for her abductor.

Annie is now working through PTSD…reliving her time as a captive.  She has paranoid episodes and slowly, step by painful step, she is working her way through her mountain of issues.  She can’t work.  She can’t sleep in her bed.  She can’t quit living the rituals she endured while in the cabin.  Even though she is now free, she is not free.  How does one pick up their life after being gone for such a long time?  How does one deal with a mother who tries but just doesn’t know how to say the right things?  And what of a boyfriend-how can he ever understand?

This is the authors debut novel and let me say it is written more like an accomplished author.  I will definitely be looking for more books by her.  Although the ending was quick and for me a bid predictable, I would easily give it four and a half stars.

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