What I’m Reading: Stella Bain

I just finished up the audio book Stella Bain  by Anita Shreve.  I’ve read a couple other books by the author and thought they were okay so decided to try this one.

I almost quit a couple times thinking the book might pick up…never did.  It’s written in third person.  It’s completely and totally predictable.  The story isn’t remarkable.  I never felt close to the characters.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Stella Bain has no memory of her past when she wakes up in a hospital bed in Marne, France. It is 1916, and she wears the uniform of a British war nurse but speaks with an American accent. As soon as she is able, Stella sets out for London, where she hopes to find answers. What she discovers-with the help of Dr. August Bridge, who takes an interest in her case-both shocks and startles. As Stella’s memories come racing back, she must undertake a journey across the ocean to confront the haunted past of the woman she used to be.

In this gripping historical drama that transports us from Europe to America and back again, Anita Shreve weaves an engrossing tale about love and memory, set against the backdrop of a war that devastated an entire generation.

Amazon readers gave it 3.7 stars.  I would give it 2.5.  I’m actually a little frustrated with myself that I kept on listening.  UGH.  The only reason I did is that I kept hoping something would happen and because I didn’t have another book already downloaded.  Oh UGH…what a waste of time.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Stella Bain”

  1. I fully commiserate with you. There have been SO many books that I’ve read where I kept slogging through it simply because I so wanted to believe it was going to get better in “just a little bit”. It was more than annoying when it did not.

    I think that mindset is because I was brought up to keep on going .. not to quit. And not finishing a book just felt like quitting. Until … I thought about it.

    WHY on earth should I feel that I should spend my time on such a worthless collection of words when I could be spending that time on anything else that I enjoyed more? So … at this stage of my life, I have given myself permission to STOP READING.

    If a book doesn’t grab my attention and interest by the 2nd .. or 3rd chapter at the most … out it goes and I’m onto whatever is next .. whether it’s another book or a craft project … or heaven forbid … icky housework. :-)

    Bottom line: give yourself permission to quit the book without finishing it and without remorse. You’ll feel SO much better. :-)

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