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I told you earlier about a book that I very much enjoyed  Countdown (Sixties Trilogy) by Deborah Wiles.  I had really enjoyed that book (here’s the link to that review) so I was excited to see that the book was part of a series.  I immediately put a hold on the next book of the series Revolution (The Sixties Trilogy) and I am so glad I did.

The first book took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The oldest sister in this book now travels to the south to take part in Freedom Summer in Greenwood, Mississippi.

In the first book the author uses an amazing amount of research to bring the complete time period to life.  There are clips of speeches from Martin Luther King Jr., readings from newspapers and interviews mixed into the story to bring the book full circle and seem like a complete experience where the reader is immersed into the story.  I loved it and HIGHLY recommend that this be enjoyed in audio form to get that complete experience.

This is juvenile fiction and a coming of age story which I love.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “It’s 1964, and Sunny’s town is being invaded.  Or at least that’s what the adults of Greenwood, Mississippi, are saying. All Sunny knows is that people from up north are coming to help people register to vote.  They’re calling it Freedom Summer.
Meanwhile, Sunny can’t help but feel like her house is being invaded, too.  She has a new stepmother, a new brother, and a new sister crowding her life, giving her little room to breathe.  And things get even trickier when Sunny and her brother are caught sneaking into the local swimming pool — where they bump into a mystery boy whose life is going to become tangled up in theirs.
As she did in her groundbreaking documentary novel COUNTDOWN, award-winning author Deborah Wiles uses stories and images to tell the riveting story of a certain time and place — and of kids who, in a world where everyone is choosing sides, must figure out how to stand up for themselves and fight for what’s right.”

Amazon readers give the book 4.5 stars.  I like it more than that…4.8 stars for me.

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  1. This looks like a neat book to read (or even more fun – to listen to). I remember that Cuban Missile Crises well, and the Sixties. The story line sounds very interesting – viewing history through what I presume is a (teenager’s ?) view. I haven’t ventured into the audio books media type yet, but this might be the book to do it with, as you suggest.

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