What I’m Reading: No Such Person

I just finished up the audio book No Such Person by  Caroline B. Cooney.

The book is classified as young adult fiction.  It deals with a murder and drug dealing all in the quiet neighborhood along the river.  The story is told by two sisters…one in her early teens and one in her late.  It’s a “who dun it” and up until the end, I didn’t know who had committed the murder.

I really liked the book.  I’ll likely check out a few of her other books.  I remember one of kids reading some of her other books and I remember them liking the books.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Shortly after the Allerdons arrive at their cozy family cottage on the river, Lander meets and is smitten with a handsome young man, and they begin to date. But Miranda has a bad feeling about her perfect sister’s new boyfriend. And when the cops come knocking on her family’s front door, Miranda can’t help feeling that Lander’s boyfriend has something to do with it.

The police tell Miranda and her family that Lander has been arrested. But Miranda doubts the supposedly solid evidence they say they have against her sister and decides to dig deeper. There’s only one problem: the more she learns, the more she wonders why everything keeps pointing to Lander’s guilt.

Amazon readers say 4.3 stars.  I’d agree.  The book is recently published so there aren’t a lot of reviews on it yet.

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  1. Just finished “Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner. Takes place in London when children were evacuated to the countryside.at the beginning of WWll.

    I will read another of her books.

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