What I’m Reading: Mrs. Mike

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my blog readers who recommended I read Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman.  It was wonderful. I listened to the audio version and it kept my attention.  I found that I was purposely finding things to do so I could keep listening.

After finishing the book I am almost wondering if I read this as a teenager.  The book jacket shown above didn’t seem familiar but then when I was writing this review and looking on line for a picture of the book, I found this original book jacket.

This book jacket I am sure I have seen.  The story just seemed familiar to me too…Whether it’s the first or second time I’ve read it, it doesn’t matter.  It was good and definitely my kind of book.  Besides, whe I read it as a teen, I looked upon the adventure part and admired the story.  Reading it as an adult, I can see the tragic loss and the strength it took to move on.

Here’s what Amazon had to say about it, “A classic tale that has enchanted millions of readers worldwide, Mrs. Mike brings the fierce, stunning landscape of the Great North to life—and masterfully evokes the tender, touching moments that bring a man and a woman together forever.

Recently arrived in Calgary, Alberta after a long, hard journey from Boston, sixteen-year-old Katherine Mary O’Fallon never imagined that she could lose her heart so easily—or so completely. Standing over six feet tall, with “eyes so blue you could swim in them,” Mike Flannigan is a well-respected sergeant in the Canadian Mounted Police—and a man of great courage, kindness, and humor. Together, he and his beloved Kathy manage to live a good, honest life in this harsh, unforgiving land—and find strength in a love as beautiful and compelling as the wilderness around them…”

Amazon readers list 4.5 stars…I am going to over ride them and chalk up five stars.  I loved it that much!

I see that they have written sequels but I also see that the sequels don’t have a very good rating.  Has anyone read them??  What did you think??

8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Mrs. Mike”

  1. I read it as a teenager and as an adult. It was definitely 5 stars. I still laugh when I think of her lovely pies with the dried fruit!

  2. My favorite part of the book is when the brothers would rather be outside with the wolves howling than Mrs. Mike screaming because of the howling. Still one of my favorite books I read while in high school.


  3. I’ve read Tisha, by Robert Specht, and it is not as good as Mrs. Mike. It’s a different time frame and doesn’t have the scope that Mrs. Mike does.
    The Search For Joyful sounds familiar, but I may have it mixed up with the Joyful character in Mrs. Mike.
    I remember being impressed by how Mike creates a brace for Kathy so she will not hunch over and thus learns how to breathe deeply. And the story of the forest fire, and how Kathy ducks under the water, and the part where disease kills the Indians, and what it is like to have a “first family” then a “second family” and a “third family”….how the snow went on forever when seen from the train…I’ve read the book many times.

  4. Have you ever read “Pure As The Lily”, by Catherine Cookson? I own 3 copies of this book because I never want to be without it. Whenever I find another at a second hand store I will buy it. I have read it so many times I could tell it from memory, but I still cry and laugh at certain parts.

  5. I read this book in high school. It was the first time that I cried while reading a book. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it made into a movie and starred Loretta Young?

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