What I’m Reading: Love at First Bark

I just finished up listening to the book Love at First Bark: How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself by Julie Klam.

The book is really short.  I listened to it in just a few hours while working at the quilting machine.  The book was good but it was actually more like a series of short stories than a complete book on it’s own.  That didn’t make it bad..it just left me wondering how all these stories were going to connect together but then found in the end, they really didn’t.

Here’s what Amazon had to say about it, “With wit and warmth, Julie Klam chronicles her adventures in finding a home for the world’s sweetest pit bull, fostering a photogenic special-needs terrier, and diving under a train to save an injured stray in New Orleans. Along the way, she finds that helping dogs in their fight to survive puts our own problems in perspective, and shows that caring for others, be they canine or human, can sometimes be the best way to care for ourselves. A hilarious and moving testament to the powerful bond between people and dogs, this is a book for anyone whose life has been changed—for the better—by an animal.”

Amazon readers say 4 stars.  I guess now that I know that they are really only short stories…I’m okay with 4 stars.  Initially as I finished the book though, I was really disappointed that there was no climax and no tying together of the stories.  If you are a dog lover or passionate about pet rescue, it’s a good book and for the most part, all stories about the dogs end well…there is no shooting Old Yellar at the end of the book.


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