What I’m Reading: Left to Die

I’ve been trying to find as many books as I can through Hoopla Digital as of late.  I love that it’s free.  I love that they let me get lots of books.  Most of all I love that there is no wait for getting a book.  My recent find is Left to Die by Blake Pierce.

Left To Die (An Adele Sharp Mystery—Book One) by [Blake Pierce]

As of writing this review, I learned that the book is the first in a series of seven about the main character, Adele Sharp.  At first I didn’t really get into the book.  Here’s what had happened.  I was on Hoopla a couple weeks ago and found several books I was interested in.  I borrowed them all-which in hindsight was to many.   I ended up nearing the return date and started listening.  I had another book that was close to the return date to so I was being supercritical…which one did I want to listen to first as I might have to return one without it being listened to.  So with all that in mind, I don’t think I was into the book.  As I got 3/4 of the way through, I was very much into the book.  I think I had settled into the characters and felt better about the book.

I think it’s important to remember that sometimes because of our current circumstances, books can either catch us..or leave us behind.  This one fought hard and ended up catching me.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:FBI special agent Adele Sharp is a German-and-French raised American with triple citizenship—and an invaluable asset in bringing criminals to justice as they cross American and European borders.

When a serial killer case spanning three U.S. states goes cold, Adele returns to San Francisco and to the man she hopes to marry. But after a shocking twist, a new lead surfaces and Adele is dispatched to Paris, to lead an international manhunt.

Adele returns to the Europe of her childhood, where familiar Parisian streets, old friends from the DGSI and her estranged father reignite her dormant obsession with solving her own mother’s murder. All the while she must hunt down the diabolical killer, must enter the dark canals of his psychotic mind to know where he will strike next—and save the next victim before it’s too late.

An action-packed mystery series of international intrigue and riveting suspense, LEFT TO DIE will have you turning pages late into the night.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.3 stars.  I guess I think I’d have to agree.  Will I go on and read the others…Likely.  I checked on Hoopla and the author has lots of other books…with several series so I’ll likely pick something up at some point.

As of my writing this, the book is available for Kindle for only $1.99.  You can find it HERE.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Left to Die”

  1. Maxine Corimski

    If you are using Hoopla, Jo, then I know you have a current library card. I think I mentioned that there is another free site which also requires a current library card. This site is Libby. If I can’t find the audiobook at Hoopla, then I try Libby. Sometimes I strike out because it’s too new. So I start a list of books to look for later. On Libby, you sometimes have the choice of Putting the book “on hold”. When it becomes available, they will inform you. I hope this gives you some new ideas. I like these two sites because they are FREE! YIPPEE!

  2. I have read other books by Blake Pierce, but not this particular one….will have to look for it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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