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I have always been a little intrigued by the royalty of the England and Queen Victoria. It’s so amazing how she came to be the mother or grandmother of so many leaders of countries in Europe. That often leads me to the Romanov family leaders of Russia and of course to Anastacia.

So…when I saw this book and realized it was about Anastacia Romanov, I thought I might like it. The is called I Was Anastacia by Ariel Lawhon.

The book is told in two different parts. One part was about Anastacia Romanov as a young girl in Russia. The other part was told about the woman who later claimed she was Anastacia Romanov. The long-held story was that Anastacia escaped the terrible execution of her family and lived. This part of the story outlines everything that happened to this woman, how she tried to prove she was Anastacia, and in the end, if she was Anastacia.

I found the book very interesting. I like both sides of the story. I did need to be on top of things when I listened as the stories started on both ends of the spectrum and more towards the middle.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:
Russia, July 17, 1918: Under direct orders from Vladimir Lenin, Bolshevik secret police force Anastasia Romanov, along with the entire imperial family, into a damp basement in Siberia, where they face a merciless firing squad. None survive. At least that is what the executioners have always claimed.

Germany, February 17, 1920: A young woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Anastasia Romanov is pulled shivering and senseless from a canal. Refusing to explain her presence in the freezing water or even acknowledge her rescuers, she is taken to the hospital where an examination reveals that her body is riddled with countless horrific scars. When she finally does speak, this frightened, mysterious young woman claims to be the Russian grand duchess.     

As rumors begin to circulate through European society that the youngest Romanov daughter has survived the massacre at Ekaterinburg, old enemies and new threats are awakened. The question of who Anna Anderson is and what actually happened to Anastasia Romanov spans fifty years and touches three continents. This thrilling saga is every bit as moving and momentous as it is harrowing and twisted.

Amazon readers give the book 4.1 stars. I read through the reviews and most of the people were hung up on the part where Ann’s story was told in reverse and Anastacia’s was told from the beginning on. I agree…that part was a little hard but totally doable. I think possibly easier if listening to and audiobook vs reading as two different narrators were talking making it easier to understand. I’d give the book 4.4 stars…pretty good once I got over the story telling format.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

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  1. Thanks for this review! I’ll start it tonight as I’ve had it on my Kobo for a bit now. I’ve liked all of Ariels books that I’ve read.

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