What I’m Reading: Hell is Empty

I just finished listening to the audio book Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson.  If you are familiar with the Longmire show on Netflix then you might know that the Craig Johnson books are the base for the show.  I love the show.  It’s honestly one of my favorites and I like the books too.  There are a few differences between the books and show but they each flow in their own way.  I’ve read other Longmire books and enjoyed them so was hopeful for this one.

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I ended up not liking this one as good.  It was a little long and drawn out for me….I love Walt. I love the supporting characters….I just didn’t love the story.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:
Well-read and world-weary, Sheriff Walt Longmire has been maintaining order in Wyoming’s Absaroka County for more than thirty years, but in this riveting seventh outing, he is pushed to his limits.

Raynaud Shade, an adopted Crow Indian rumored to be one of the country’s most dangerous sociopaths, has just confessed to murdering a boy ten years ago and burying him deep within the Bighorn Mountains. Walt is asked to transport Shade through a blizzard to the site, but what begins as a typical criminal transport turns personal when the veteran lawman learns that he knows the dead boy’s family. Guided only by Indian mysticism and a battered paperback of Dante’s Inferno, Walt braves the icy hell of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, cheating death to ensure that justice, both civil and spiritual, is served.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I feel bad but I would only give it 4 stars.  It was slow for so long that once it did speed up, I was over caring.

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  1. I read that book a while back and it did seem to drag on but I love the stories. The books are far better than the Netflix series. Walt is highly regarded in the books and treated like a criminal in the series. I know it’s all to make it more interesting for viewers. I still watch it and can’t wait for the next season and a new book.

  2. I think that was the book I didn’t care for as much either. Is it just me are do an awful lot of the Longmire books involve snow? They make it seem like Wyoming is in perpetual winter. :)

  3. That’s my next one on my list, whenever my on-line library gets it for me. I love these books for their humor, as well as the writing. After reading the books, the TV character is almost one dimensional.

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