What I’m Reading: Gracianna

I recently read the book Gracianna by Trini Amador.

This is a hard review to write because honestly I loved the story, but wasn’t a huge fan of the writing style.  The book tells the story of Gracianna, a young girl from the Basque region, who had a dream to go to America.  She travels to Paris to find a job to earn money to travel.  While there WWII breaks out finding Gracianna thrown into a situation that leads her to make some hard decisions.

I found a trailer for the book that explains the whole story.

As always, I loved the historical aspect of the book.  I loved the story….the writing style was just like someone narrating the story.  I typically get very involved in books feeling like I am the main character..not with this one.  It lacked emotion.  I do love holocaust stories and triumph over tragedy stories so that appealed to me.

All in all I would give the book a strong 3 rating out of five.  The story was so good…the writing style, just not my favorite.

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