What I’m Reading: Girl Unbroken

I just finished up reading the book Girl Unbroken by  Regina Calcaterra and Rosie Maloney.  If you remember you might know that I read the book Etched in Sand not to long ago.   The two books tell the story of the abuse this family endured.  First I heard the story of Regina.  Now I read the story of the youngest in the family, Rosie.

The book got my attention immediately.  I do suggest reading Etched in Sand first.  I get so frustrated by these types of books.  How do people get by with inflicting abuse like this??  It’s crazy and plain and simple not right.  It’s so good to see a girl be strong like Rosie was.  Knowing she can grow and get past the abuse is so uplifting!!

Here’s what Amazon had to say:

In the highly anticipated sequel to her New York Times bestseller Etched in Sand, Regina Calcaterra pairs with her youngest sister Rosie to tell Rosie’s harrowing, yet ultimately triumphant, story of childhood abuse and survival.

They were five kids with five different fathers and an alcoholic mother who left them to fend for themselves for weeks at a time. Yet through it all they had each other. Rosie, the youngest, is fawned over and shielded by her older sister, Regina. Their mother, Cookie, blows in and out of their lives “like a hurricane, blind and uncaring to everything in her path.”

But when Regina discloses the truth about her abusive mother to her social worker, she is separated from her younger siblings Norman and Rosie. And as Rosie discovers after Cookie kidnaps her from foster care, the one thing worse than being abandoned by her mother is living in Cookie’s presence. Beaten physically, abused emotionally, and forced to labor at the farm where Cookie settles in Idaho, Rosie refuses to give in. Like her sister Regina, Rosie has an unfathomable strength in the face of unimaginable hardship—enough to propel her out of Idaho and out of a nightmare.

Filled with maturity and grace, Rosie’s memoir continues the compelling story begun in Etched in Sand—a shocking yet profoundly moving testament to sisterhood and indomitable courage.

Amazon readers gave the book 4.9 stars..I started the book and was quickly hooked.  It always amazes me at how many chances a child will give a parent. I’m so glad that Rosie finally found some peace.  I’d give the book 4.7 stars.

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