What I’m Reading: Emma in the Night

You might remember that I am on a Wendy Walker kick.  In the last four weeks, I’ve listened to three of her books.  The third one is the one I am telling you about today called Emma in the Night.

I am happy to say that the more books I read by her, the more I like her.  That doesn’t always happen.

This one has a good mystery to it.  I did guess a part of the story early on but I didn’t guess the whole story.  I couldn’t quite figure out the rest of the story.  That made reading all the more fun as I was trying and trying to piece everything together.  It made me feel like I was the detective trying to solve the case and I loved that!

Here is what Amazon had to say…One night three years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn’t add up. Looking deep within this dysfunctional family Dr. Winter uncovers a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent held sway. And where one sister’s return might just be the beginning of the crime.”

Amazon readers give the book 4.3 stars.  I’m am going to say 4.5.  I really liked the book.  I listened to it over 2 days…it had all of my attention.  If you like mystery whodunnits, I recommend this one.

If you are interested, you can find the book HERE.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Emma in the Night”

  1. I just finished reading your recommended book, The Last House on the Street. This is a very good book, thanks!

  2. I just finished Emma in the Night as well. After reading about your recommendation of Wendy Walker books, this was the only one I found available at the library. I too enjoyed it, finished listening within two days. Thanks for your suggestions and your blog.

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