What I’m Reading: Defending Britta Stein

I was so happy when I saw that author Ronald H. Balson had a new book out.  This author has a great book series out.  The stories follow Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart a private detective and attorney who seem to specialize in crimes that happened during the WWII time period.  They live in the present day but are often needed to solve cases from long ago.

The book I am reviewing today is book #6 of the series called Defending Britta Stein.

It’s often hard to read books in a series that I love.  I’m often worried that the author is going to “let me down” and the book won’t reach my expectations.  Not this book.  It was good.

This story tells about wartime Denmark and what happened to the Jewish people in that nation during WWII.  I appreciate hearing how other countries dealt with the war and what experiences were like there.

Now as Russia had invaded Ukraine, I appreciate hearing the stories of how is affecting residents in Poland and other countries close to the fighting.  Too often we make the mistake of not seeing many sides to one conflict.  This book helps to see the other sides of WWII.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Chicago, 2018: Ole Henryks, a popular restauranteur, is set to be honored by the Danish/American Association for his many civic and charitable contributions. Frequently appearing on local TV, he is well known for his actions in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War II―most consider him a hero.

Britta Stein, however, does not. The ninety-year-old Chicago woman levels public accusations against Henryks by spray-painting “Coward,” “Traitor,” “Collaborator,” and “War Criminal” on the walls of his restaurant. Mrs. Stein is ultimately taken into custody and charged with criminal defacement of property. She also becomes the target of a bitter lawsuit filed by Henryk and his son, accusing her of defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Attorney Catherine Lockhart, though hesitant at first, agrees to take up Mrs. Stein’s defense. With the help of her investigator husband, Liam Taggart, Lockhart must reach back into wartime Denmark and locate evidence that proves Mrs. Stein’s innocence. Defending Britta Stein is critically-acclaimed author Ronald H. Balson’s thrilling take on a modern-day courtroom drama and a masterful rendition of Denmark’s wartime heroics.”

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.  If you would like to investigate the whole series, HERE is a link to the books in order.  My favorite so far is the first in the series, Once We Were Brothers.

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  1. Diane from Durham

    I just finished reading (listening to) a WWII book named “my real name is Hannah” that you might like. It was inspired by real events in soviet occupied Ukraine. It was sad as it seems very similar to present day Ukraine.

  2. My husband and I listened to this book while traveling. We both enjoyed it. I think I have read all his books now. Like you said, I am enjoying books that tell about happenings in other countries during the war. Thanks for all your suggestions on books. I have read quite a few of them.

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