What I’m Reading: Dear Wife

At Christmas time I filled my “hold” account with my online library with audio books.  Gradually the books are becoming available and I’ve been finding some good books.  My most recent book was this Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle.

I love historical fiction but from time to time need something thrown in to keep the historical fiction books interesting.  How about a story of abuse?   How about a story about lies?  How about a policeman and crime and working to get to the bottom of the case?  How about a story with chase and people working to outsmart others?  How about a good guy, bad guy story?  Perfect.  This story had it all.

Here’s what Amazon has to say:For nearly a year, Beth has been planning for this day. A day some people might call any other Wednesday, but Beth prefers to see it as her new beginning – one with a new look, new name, and new city. Beth has given her plan significant thought, because one small slip and her violent husband will find her. 

Sabine Hardison is missing….

A couple hundred miles away, Jeffrey returns home from a work trip to find his wife, Sabine, is missing. Wherever she is, she’s taken almost nothing with her. Her abandoned car is the only evidence the police have, and all signs point to foul play. 

As the police search for leads, the case becomes more and more convoluted. Sabine’s carefully laid plans for her future indicate trouble at home and a husband who would be better off with her gone. The detective on the case will stop at nothing to find out what happened and bring this missing woman home. Where is Sabine? And who is Beth? The only thing that’s certain is that someone is lying, and the truth won’t stay buried for long.”

Amazon readers give the book 4.6 stars.  I’m going to agree.  It had me going until I finally figured it out.  It took me quite awhile to figure it out so that kept me wanting more and more.  Then once I figured it out, I was still interested enough to want to see the story to the end.  For me, that’s a good book.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.  I’m off.  I want to see if the author has more books.  I think that’s the best way to know if you really like a book…if you want more from the author.  Happily she does.  You can find her other books HERE.  I put one on my wait list.  Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long.  I put The Marriage Lie on hold so if you want to read along with me...you can find the book HERE.

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  1. I just finished A Gentleman from Moscow. It is not a fast paced, exciting type of book, but very good historical fiction with a surprise ending. Glimpse of life in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution.

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