What I’m Reading: Busted

I just finished up listening to the audio book Busted: A Novella (Will Trent series) (The Will Trent Series) by Karin Slaughter….well I really shouldn’t say book…it was just a novella-or short book.  –sigh–

Don’t get me wrong, the “book” wasn’t bad.  Just short.  I was hoping for a long book..one with lots of plot and lots of the wonderful stuff Karin Slaughter puts into her full length books…I wanted to spend a couple days lost in the book but this I just listened to in an afternoon….and worst, Sara wasn’t in the book.  Wait-wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

I’ll start at the beginning.  I am Karin Slaughter fan.  It all started a few years back when I read Triptych (Will Trent).  Before then I didn’t read or listen to a lot of crime novels…after I read Triptych, I started reading lots more.  The character is Will Trent and I really like him and  his stories.  Triptych hooked me and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In fact, that book had me going back and reading all of her previous books and I’ve listened or read all of the ones since.  That has to say a lot for the books for me to have been through all of them.

When I checked out Busted I didn’t realize it was a novella.  I thought is was a long book…no such luck.  That doesn’t mean it was bad..just not what I was hoping for.  The story was still okay but not quite as good as her other books as there isn’t enough time for the detailed plots that I love.

Amazon readers say 4.2 stars.  I’ll just stick with 4 stars.  I did notice that she has a new book out.  I was over and checked to see if my online library has…no such luck.  The second I am done writing this blog post I am heading over to their request page and request that get it though…it’s a request I hope they take!

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  1. Jo, Just read about a “book” called Serial that you listen to via an mp3 player or media player !! I listened to the first episode while stitching and found it pretty good !! Try it, of course, its FREE !! Keep on plugging away !!

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