What I’m Reading: Breaking the Silence

I just finished up listening to the audio book, Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain.  I have listened to several other books by this author, The Escape Artist,  Necessary Lies and her book  The Midwife’s Confession all of which I very much enjoyed so I was eager to listen to this one.

..and I wasn’t disappointed a drop.  Honestly, she’s my new favorite go to author.  She writes well, typically with two stories going on at the same time.  In this story we learn about a mother whose husband just committed suicide and now whose daughter will not speak and other story is about Sarah an older adult struggling with dementia.   I love when two stories happen in one book.

Here’s what Amazon had to say about it, “Laura Brandon’s promise to her dying father was simple: to visit an elderly woman she’d never heard of before. A woman who remembers nothing—except the distant past. Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small enough sacrifice to make.

But Laura’s promise results in another death. Her husband’s. And after their five-year-old daughter, Emma, witnesses her father’s suicide, Emma refuses to talk about it…to talk at all.

Frantic and guilt ridden, Laura contacts the only person who may be able to help. A man she’s met only once—six years before. A man who doesn’t know he’s Emma’s real father.

Guided only by a child’s silence and an old woman’s fading memories, the two unravel a tale of love and despair, of bravery and unspeakable evil. A tale that’s shrouded in silence…and that unbelievably links them all.”

Amazon readers say 4.6 stars…I’ll go a little better and say 4.8.  The book kept my attention.  I learned a little more about history and times when people were in psychiatric facilities too.  If you’re looking for a good read, this won’t disappoint.  I listened to it over a two day period.  It was simply that good.

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