What I’m Reading: “Blunt Impact”

Here was a book that I really liked.  It’s Blunt Impact (Theresa Maclean) by Lisa Black.

This is a thriller, who dun it from an author that has a writing style that got me wanting to read more.  Good news on that front, the author has written several more books and even has a series featuring the lead character, Theresa MacLean.  I know I’ll be looking for more offerings from her.

Here’s what Amazon has to say, “Quite simply, one of the best storytellers around” Tess Gerritsen – Forensic scientist Theresa MacLean is puzzled by the questionable death of a female construction worker at a Cleveland building site. A witness to the death – a young girl nicknamed Ghost – may be able to help. Ghost says the woman was pushed by someone she can only identify as the Shadow Man. Soon Theresa finds herself in a race against time to protect Ghost from an unknown killer before he is able to find the little girl and silence her for good.”

Amazon readers give it 4 1/2 stars and I would agree with them.  It’s the writing style that grabbed me.  Here’s an Amazon link for Blunt Impact (Theresa Maclean) if you want to read more reviews.

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