What I’m Reading: An Evil Heart

Oh, happy day!! I remembered that I had preordered the book, An Evil Heart, by Linda Castillo. I had preordered it some time ago but life got busy and I forgot that I had it. As soon as I realized it was there in my Audible account, I scrambled to listen to it.

This is part of the Kate Burkholder series. Kate is a former Amish and has come back to her community servicing as the chief of police. I love the series. It’s all the same characters in the books. It feels like it’s “old home week” and I’m going back to see what’s up with my old friends.

This is book number 15 so I started to wonder what could possibly be happening now in Painters Mill. Well, of course, there is another murder…(actually two murders) and surprisingly a wedding too. What’s not to draw me in and take me away for a little bit?

While I was listening I did a whole bedroom clean up. I sorted through all of my clothes…threw some out and bagged some up for donation. That’s what I love about audiobooks. You can work and listen. It makes the work so much more pleasant.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
On a crisp autumn day in Painters Mill, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder responds to a call only to discover an Amish man who has been violently killed with a crossbow, his body abandoned on a dirt road. Aden Karn was just twenty years old, well-liked, and from an upstanding Amish family. Who would commit such a heinous crime against a young man whose life was just beginning?

The more Kate gets to know his devastated family and the people―both English and Amish―who loved him, the more determined she becomes to solve the case. Aden Karn was funny and hardworking and looking forward to marrying his sweet fiancé, Emily. All the while, Kate’s own wedding day to Tomasetti draws near…

But as she delves into Karn’s past, Kate begins to hear whispers about a dark side. What if Aden Karn wasn’t the wholesome young man everyone admired? Is it possible the rumors are a cruel campaign to blame the victim? Kate pursues every lead with a vengeance, sensing an unspeakable secret no one will broach.

The case spirals out of control when a young Amish woman comes forward with a horrific story that pits Kate against a dangerous and unexpected opponent. When the awful truth is finally uncovered, Kate comes face to face with the terrible consequences of a life lived in all the dark places.

Amazon readers give the book 4.8 stars. I’m going to agree. I don’t know if the book is so over-the-top amazing book or if I’m just especially excited to have taken in another book from one of my favorite series. I’m going to agree and give the book 4.8 stars too.

You can find the book HERE if you’re interested. If you have not started this series, I highly recommend it and suggest that you start the series with book one. That would be Sworn to Silence and you can find it HERE.

If you are looking for a series to get into, this one is a good option.

12 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: An Evil Heart”

  1. I need to order that book – I’ve read all of the series so far. What makes it even more enjoyable for me is that it’s set in Holmes County, Ohio – right next door to me! In fact, our county has been mentioned a few times and I’m very familiar with many of the places mentioned in the books…
    Thanks for the review!!

  2. I just got this book from the library yesterday. I’ve only read the first two chapters. I’m always excited when a new book in the series comes out.

  3. I loved the Hallmark movie (I think the name is An Amish Murder, but I know that Kate is the main character), but I didn’t know that there was a book series. What wonderful news!!!!

  4. I read the first 3 books in the series but they were a little to graphic and violent for me. I love a good mystery but I don’t think they need to be so brutally described.

  5. I just finished it a couple weeks ago (in book form). As always happens with her books, I sailed right through it! My husband reads them as well. Both of us read it in less than a week and returned it to library 2 weeks ahead of due date! I used to work in my local library, and everybody that we recommended this series to loved them-male or female!!! If you enjoy mysteries, you can’t go wrong with Kate!!! Hugs,

  6. I have read all the Linda Castillo novels and enjoyed each of them. Now I am reading A Simple Murder, short stories by LInda Castillo. I didn’t know they came in audio version, but the book is better because I can close the covers and put the book down!

  7. I too am a Kate follower! I love every one of her books ! I do agree about the violence but I think it’s not quite as graphic as the first few.. I feel like I could meet Kate and Tomasoni on the street ! ( did I get his name right , I’m having a brain freeze?)

  8. O my gosh! I’m so glad I followed your advice on this book series! I started the first book on Friday morning and couldn’t put it down! After a long day of listening to it, I finally finished it just after midnight. It was awesome! I’m glad she has a lot more in the series. I love a great series to go through! Thank you for the suggestion!!!

  9. Hi, Jo. On your recommendation I checked out Sworn to Silence and was hooked. Thanks for the tip!
    A question, seems you mentioned special glasses that have magnification on the bottom and your distance prescription on the top. Can you tell where you get them? Thanks! Jane

    1. I get my glasses at Zenni. It’s an online glasses maker. They are so reasonably priced. I think my stitching glasses were only $35.

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