What I’m Reading: An Accidental Death

I looked at what was in my library at Audible. I had put several books from their free catalog into my library some time ago but then forgot about them when a different book that I had pre-ordered came in. So I looked through to see what might be good and ended up with the book An Accidental Death by Peter Grainger.

First off, I enjoy the narrator. I’ve listened to him in a couple of different books and always think he does a great job.

The story is about a detective, DC Smith. He’s a good guy who is quietly smart…who many hope will retire soon. The story happens in England and I am a Brit fan. The book reminded much of watching a British television show.

Here is what Amazon had to say:

The story opens with the apparently accidental drowning of a sixth form student in the Norfolk countryside. As a matter of routine, or so it seems, the case passes across the desk of Detective Sergeant Smith, recently returned to work after an internal investigation into another case that has led to tensions between officers at Kings Lake police headquarters.As a former Detective Chief Inspector, Smith could have retired by now, and it is clear some of his superiors wish that he would do so. With a new trainee detective in tow, Smith begins to unravel the truth about what happened to Wayne Fletcher. As the investigation proceeds, it becomes obvious that others are involved – some seem determined to prevent it, some seem to be taking too much interest. In the end Smith operates alone, having stepped too far outside standard procedures to ask for support. He knows his own safety might be at risk but he has not calculated on the life of his young assistant also being put in danger.” 

I liked the book. The problem for me is that this is the first book in a series. There are 10 or so more books after this one. Audible is sneaky that way. They put the first book of a series as a freebie in the free catalog in hopes of getting readers/listeners hooked on a series and more likely to buy more books of the series. UGH. So…I went to my online free library and they don’t have any of his books. Bummer.

Amazon readers gave the book 4.4 stars. I’d agree. If you’re looking for a British cop whodunit book series, this would be a good one.

If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: An Accidental Death”

  1. Jo, Have you read “The Canary Girls” by Jennifer Chiaverini? I just finished it and thought of you while I was reading it. It is set in England just before and during WWI.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Maybe it would be worthwhile to check with the libraries in your county or neighboring towns to check about intra-library loans. Does your library have a place to request new book purchases?

  3. I was checking out this book and I found it in my library. It’s not Audio as I read better than I listen! So I’ve started it! Thanks Jo!

  4. Hi Jo, since you like British stuff, you might like the Thursday Murder Club mysteries by Richard Osman. So far there are four in the series; they are excellent.

  5. Re first reply: All Jennifer Chiaverini novels based on historical events, some English, some American, are very good. Also the stories of The Quilting group are lighter but enjoyable.
    Have just finished “The Silent Patient”, scary book! Thank you for all your book reviews, much appreciated.
    Go Kramer strong, all your email quilty friends are wiling you on.
    Cheers Jo.
    Dot, NZ.

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