What I’m Reading: American Girl

I was on Audible looking for a book.  I keep an annual subscription to grab the books I can’t find on one of my online libraries.  I also pick up an occasional new release that if I did try to get it from my online library it would take longer than 6 months to get.

Well, Audible has a free section for those with a yearly subscription.  I often check there to see if something looks interesting.  I try to get books from there as it really makes better use of the subscription costs.

Anyway…the last time I was there I came across something from Wendy Walker called American Girl.

American Girl: A Novel
It’s kind of odd as the book is only from Audible.  I don’t see that it is in print anywhere…BUT, don’t let that stop you.  The book had my attention immediately and it kept my attention.

The book is formated differently as the main character is telling the story but she hops around telling the story for then and now.  She also goes from narrating and telling you what happened to an actual live-action scene.  It’s hard to explain, but trust me, It’s really good.

Here is what Amazon has to say:
“Charlie Hudson, an autistic 17-year-old, is determined to leave Sawyer, PA, as soon as she graduates high school – in the meantime, she works as many hours as she can at a sandwich shop called The Triple S to save money for college. But when shop owner Clay Cooper – a man who is both respected and feared by many in this economically depressed community – is found dead, each member of his staff becomes a suspect in the perplexing case. Charlie must work to protect herself and her friends and uncover the danger that may still be at large in their tight-knit community.

Best-selling author Wendy Walker returns with another riveting thriller, told through the eyes of an unforgettable protagonist.”

The book got a 4.5 rating and I am going to have to agree.  Once I started the book I was on a mission to listen to the whole thing.  About halfway through I was thinking this book is so good.  I hope the author doesn’t ruin it with a terrible ending.  The good news…the ending was appropriate!

If you’re interested, you can find the audiobook HERE.  I liked this so much that I ended up picking up another book by the same author called Don’t Look for Me.  If you want to grab it and read it with me, you can find it HERE.

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  1. Thanks Jo. I love listening to books and always welcome a recommendation. It goes well with most of my sewing or crochet projects!

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