What I’m Reading: Abducted

I finished up the book, Abducted by Brian Pinkerton.

It was a pretty good book.  A missing child-a mother who will never stop looking.  That’s typically a pretty good combination for me.

Here’s what Amazon had to say about the book, “Just a second. That was all it took. In that second Anita Sherwood sees the face of the young boy in the window of the bus as it stops at the curb…and she knows it is her son. The son who had been kidnapped two years before. The son who had never been found and who had been declared legally dead. But now her son is alive. Anita knows it in her heart. She is certain that the boy is her son, but how can she get anyone to believe her? She’d given the police leads before that ended up going nowhere, so they’re not exactly eager to waste much time on another dead end on a dead case. It’s going to be up to Anita, and she’ll stop at nothing to get her son back.”

I have to say that the twist shocked me and I didn’t expect it at all!  That’s a good quality for a book to have…it has other good qualities too.  Amazon reads give it a four and I’d have to agree.

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