What I’m Reading: A Life Without Water

I had been browsing to find a good book.  It seemed everywhere I looked the book, A Life Without Water by Marci Bolden, was showing up.  I ended up finding it on Overdrive which is an online library but there was a complication of a waiting list…so I waited for two months and finally it was my turn with the book.

A Life Without Water by [Marci Bolden]
So, did I like the book? Yes.  It was a good book.  My only complaint is that is was a little sad.  The main character in the book ends up dealing with the death of three people who were close to her.  I think I’ve dealt with enough death in my own life that reading about it isn’t always my favorite as it brings up some of my own feelings.  All in all, a good book.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Carol Denman divorced her husband over twenty years ago and has never looked back. But on the day before their daughter’s thirtieth birthday, John barges back into Carol’s life with a request that threatens the fragile stability she has built.

John Bowman is sick. Very sick. While he still can, he has some amends to make and some promises to fulfill. But to do that, he not only needs his ex-wife’s agreement…he needs her.

With the past hovering between them like a ghost, Carol and John embark on a decades-overdue road trip. Together they plunge back into a life without water…but which may ultimately set them free.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I think I’m going to give it 4.3.  It was enjoyable but pretty sad.

If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE on Amazon.

Happy news:  From writing this post, I found out that this book is actually the first of three books in a series.  The next book is A Life Without Flowers and can be found HERE.

A Life Without Flowers (A Life Without Water Book 2) by [Marci Bolden]
The last book of the series is A Life without Regrets.  You can find that book HERE.

A Life Without Regrets (A Life Without Water Book 3) by [Marci Bolden]
I’m off to see if they are available with my online libraries.  Wish me luck.

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