What I’m Reading: The Secret of Sarah Revere

I finished up reading the book The Secret of Sarah Revere  by Ann Rinaldi.  I am  a huge fan of the author.  HUGE.  I’ve read most of her books.  She is actually a young adult historical fiction writer.  Many of her books focus on the time period of the Revolutionary War or the Civil War…both time periods I love.

This is book I actually read.  I had more or less given up reading.  My glasses having the bifocals and sitting in bed just doesn’t mix the best.  I finally decided to give it another try.  My solution…take my glasses off and read without them.  It worked.  I’ve missed reading before bed.  I’ve actually gotten in the bad habit of looking at my phone before bed.  That doesn’t relax my brain or my roaming mind at all.  The book was just what I needed and plan to continue doing.

I don’t read much as all…a chapter and that’s it..and that’s okay.  It’s brought book reading back to my life and it’s what my mind needs.

Anyway…back to the book….I loved it.  I always love her books.  They are written about girls in history.  They are all “coming of age”.  They typically have famous fathers.  The father in this book is Paul Revere.  I’ve said before that I have a relative that signed the Declaration of Independence….Paul Revere likely knew him.  The history I read about in this book was history that he was hearing about and living through.  I think that is so cool.

Amazon doesn’t say a lot…”Thirteen-year-old Sarah Revere knows her father is a hero. But she also knows that Paul Revere guards a secret about the start of the Revolutionary War that he’ll tell no one–not his new wife, not his best friend, not even his trusted daughter. It seems everyone in her family has secrets. Sarah’s even got one of her own–and it’s tearing her apart. ”

I like it…a lot.

Amazon readers give the book 4.3 stars….I’d agree.  She has other books that I’ve liked just a bit better but this one still is worth reading if you’re a young adult historical fiction reader like I am.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Secret of Sarah Revere”

  1. I wear progressive lenses, but I have a pair of just plain reading glasses as well. Inexpensive frames–bare bones–but they make reading pleasurable. Have the eyeglass shop use the Rx for your reading strength–no bi/tri/progessive differences–just reading strength. Enjoy.

  2. I also take my glasses off to read. I lose my glasses a lot of the time too. That makes it bad because I have to have my glasses for almost everything else.

  3. Jo Anne Schnebly

    I take my glasses off too to read. Either sitting in a chair or reading in bed. Like to read a bit before going to sleep.

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