What I’m Reading: Death on a Southern Breeze

I told you I’ve been on a roll with listening to Mark de Castrique books.  I listened to three over the last couple weeks and this book marks number four.  Some people binge watch Netflix-I guess I am binge listening to these books.  Selection number four of his books was Death On A Southern Breeze.

Sadly, I didn’t like this one as good as the other ones.  This one had the historic links.  This one was linked to a literary book.  This one had a mystery but this one didn’t have a modern day connection so there was no Sam Blackman.  That’s what the book truly lacked.  I looked at publishing dates and this is an earlier work.  I almost wonder if the author tried the format, liked it but then later had the idea to add Sam Blackman.  Was the book bad…no.  The other ones were just much better.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “JUNE 1860 — A new locomotive christened A Southern Breeze steams across the Carolina countryside carrying seventeen-year-old Jeb Bennett and his twin sister Rachel Leigh to the exhilarating promise of a summer in Charleston.

While storm clouds gather over the landscape, fiercer storms rage inside the passenger cars. The tensions between North and South rapidly escalate until one traveler’s journey abruptly and brutally ends. Who was the murderer? Was the victim the real target? Amid swirling suspicions and deceptive intrigue, Jeb and Rachel Leigh join Pinkerton Detective Jonathan Ward in a race to unmask a killer.

But murder isn’t the only evil Jeb must confront. As motives and suspects abound, Jeb learns what it means to place a price on a human life, not only as a victim of murder, but also as property to be traded and sold.

The final showdown means hard choices, a test of loyalties, and a face-to-face encounter with Death On A Southern Breeze.”

Amazon readers have not rated this book so you’ll have to just go with my rating…  3.9.  I’m off to put some more books on my waiting list.  I’m down to only three on the list and for me that’s my sign to add more books to the list.  Any suggestions for my list??

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Death on a Southern Breeze”

  1. If you like English history as well as a mystery, you could read Fiona Buckley’s Ursula Blanchard Elizabethan mysteries. The first one is “To Shield the Queen”.

  2. I have read several by Nicholas Sparks lately. I’ve been picking up books on the clearance table at B&N, so have been exposed to authors I haven’t read before.

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