What I’m Reading: Cover of Snow

I recently finished up reading the book Cover of Snow: A Novel by Jenny Milchman.

It is a debut novel and I’ll say, I am likely to read another book of her’s if published.  This is a crime story with a mystery….my favorite kind to read or listen to right after historical fiction.  I’ll let this review from Amazon tell you a little more about the book…

“This superlative dark, wintry debut is set in a small town in upstate New York. Nora Hamilton oversleeps one morning to find that her husband, Brendan, has hung himself. Nora is bereft, and she struggles to reconcile Brendan’s suicide with their seemingly happy life together and with his job as a cop in his hometown. Her mother-in-law, a cold, forbidding woman, blames Nora, who tries talking to his partner, a cop who was also Brendan’s best friend, but he advises her to move on with her life. Nora can’t move on, not without some answers, and as she starts digging, she uncovers secrets about her husband and the town, the kind of secrets that people will do anything, including murder, to cover up. The ravages of winter impede her progress, but she plows on, determined to learn why Brendan never confided in her, but the answers prove more shocking than anything she might have imagined. These well-defined characters take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the darkest night, with blinding twists and occasionally fatal turns. This is a richly woven story that not only looks at the devastating effects of suicide but also examines life in a small town and explores the complexity of marriage. Fans of Nancy Pickard, Margaret Maron, and C. J. Box will be delighted to find this new author.”

The story kept me interested.  In fact, I sewed into the night wondering “who dun it?”.  I didn’t learn anything from the book.  It wasn’t one that will go down in history as the great American novel…but it was good and kept me thoroughly interested.

I listened to audio form and the reader was Cassandra Campbell.  She is really good. I have enjoyed her in other books as well.

If you want to learn more about the book, Cover of Snow: A Novel, you can find it here on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Cover of Snow”

  1. Jo, I love your quilt work. Your eye for color makes me go back and reference your ideas over and over. Thanks for your great inspiration!!! So because you have shared so much I wanted to share a book I read ( ok listened to) while working on a baby quilt the last couple days. I really only found the book because the one you shared was already checked out. The writer is Lisa See. I was so impressed with her writing style and how quick I became hooked on the characters. And above all the reader had a great voice. You know sometimes it’s all about the readers voice with an audio book. The book I checked out online was Moonflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. Turns out she has several and I am downloading them now so I can get that quilt finished. : ). Anyway hope you enjoy the idea and thanks for helping me run across it. Sorry for the long post.

  2. Jo, I know you must think me crazy (maybe I worked on that quilt to late) but the name of the book is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan… Not Moon Flower, I got “Moon” from a character in the story. Please excuse my error.

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