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After my blog post about visiting the financial planner, several different people recommended that I look into Dave Ramsey.  I was able to find a book of his on Audible, Financial Peace Revisited.

I have the Audible ap on my phone so I downloaded the book and have been listening to it on my phone when I am driving in the car.  I typically don’t listen to non fiction books but have lately found myself more drawn to them.

I am about half way finished….it’s partly depressing that I didn’t put away more money years ago…it’s partly great as there is good information there.  It’s not something that I can listen to for a long time but I am happy that I am working my way through the book.  It’s honestly a book we probably should all read.

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Reading….”

  1. I think when we were all younger we never really believed that this day would come. In fact I don’t know a single person who has ever said “Oh yeah, I have plenty of money saved up.”
    haha we’re in a big boat

  2. My parents are in the same boat as you, wishing they had put more money away when they were young. Thanks to that I am making sure to make my retirement a priority so I can spend all my time sewing when I’m older!!

  3. Dave Ramsey has a lot of good information. I understand the split in your feelings about it, since I often think, “Why did I waste so much money?” =)

  4. I know what you mean about wishing I had been more in to saving for a future, but when you are young, there are so many other demands for money, kids, a house, a decent car, insurance and food on the table. Think how much better prepared your kids will be if they follow your interest and prepare for their future.

  5. My son and his wife are following the Dave Ramsey “method.” When my son joined the Army at 17, he had a First Sargent who told the unit to start putting money away. He gave them a plan and my son followed it. He bought his first house when he was 21; he is now 31. Last weekend he had a fence built around his backyard. Price tag? $5000. Payment: Cash.

    Oh that we could all be that smart!

  6. My daughter and SIL teach Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.” I’ve watched a couple of the segments when I’ve been there on class night. Very good, clear, and practical advice. He speaks in a way that is very understandable. I think we all wish we saved more earlier for our retirement. And I bet we all wish we’d made more money along the way in order to be able to do so! :)

  7. i took a “Financial Peace University” class this year–fortunately it was just before the govt. shut down–and i’m on my way to a much better, happier, and more solvent life. i really could have used this info about 30 years ago. but good info always comes when the student is ready for it, and this info came right on time for me.

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