What I’m Making: Sausage and Egg Casserole

Back in December, I had the kids all coming home.  When they come, I try to cook some but I hate being tied to the kitchen.  I prefer visiting.  I’ve learned to try to cook some type of meal ahead so I don’t spend the whole time in the kitchen.  Happily, my kids are helpful cooks so even if I do end up in the kitchen I have some company.

I pulled out a cookbook and looked for something that could be prepped ahead and left in the refrigerator before they came so Friday I mixed up this…

This is life here…all my mixing bowls were in the dishwasher so a clean ice cream bucket was used for mixing.

While I was putting that together the sausage was frying in the pan.

I had bread that needed to be cubed.  This is a great recipe to use up some stale bread.  I love recipes that use stale bread.  I need them more than ever as it’s hard for a single person to use up bread.

Here it is all mixed together.

Here it is my Pyrex pan…This is the one that is smaller than a 9 x 13.

From there it went in the refrigerator and waited for the kids to arrive.

We ended up eating it for brunch on Sunday.  The little kids weren’t real excited about it.  I liked it as did Kayla and Craig.  I will admit that I think I like egg bake casseroles made with hashbrowns more than I like this version with bread.

My plan is to keep this recipe in the arsenal so that when I do have bread that needs to be used up, I can fall back on this recipe.

17 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Sausage and Egg Casserole”

  1. We usually have this for Christmas brunch (with ham or bacon and asparagus or broccoli – it’s great recipe to clean out the frig/freezer lol) along with a French toast bake that is made in a similar way. This year i made breakfast sliders instead. Yum! I am going to make breakfast sliders to take to the quilt retreat I am going to in March, easy to make in advance and cook when we need them.

  2. I freeze all my bread. When I want a slice or two, I pull out the sliced, frozen loaf and pull off two slices. I can let them thaw, or toast them, or put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. My bread doesn’t go stale, or moldy any more.

    1. That’s what I do since it’s just me but I freeze them in baggies, 4 slices per baggie. That way I can make a grilled cheese and maybe a couple pieces of cinnamon toast or something else. I can use 4 slices before they go bad but not a whole loaf (or even 1/2 loaf).

  3. I recently read one of your blogs however now I can’t find the one I wanted information from. I was looking for the one where you educated us on how to figure out where we should start on our cross stitch pattern on different fabrics. I have just started working on 28 and 18 linen. I really like it but not sure of higher count. One thing I would also like is that block you mentioned that would help you decide where to start. I think it would be a great tool for me. Thanks for any input about these items. Just an added I lived on a farm near Riceville IA but moved to another state in 1964. I love your blog by the way. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. “Make it Now, Bake it Later” is a cookbook written by Ann and Scott Goodfellow. I ordered it online for a daughter that requested it & ordered another one for myself at the same time. No strange ingredients so I like that.

  5. Jo, I have some egg dishes similar to this one and when I have extra, I freeze it in small containers to be eaten later. I bet you could do that also. I enjoy following you and your family. Helen

  6. I’ve made this but I buy a country gravy mix from my bread store it makes 3 cups, just mix with water. It’s delicious. I serve it in a bowl and everyone puts some gravy on top of it. It makes it’s so much better.
    I love things you can mix ahead of time and just bake the day of. Saves so much time.
    I buy Costco roasted chickens and can make 3 mills out of it.
    Chicken, potatoes and a vegetable.
    We like the cheese filled pasta I add some of the chicken, noodles, can tomato drained, cheese of choice, white sauce bought or home made and fresh spinach. It’s yummy, just mix as much of any of the ingredients you like bake about 45-50 minutes a one pan dish.
    Then I boil the rest of chicken and made soup. Any thing you have in frig or noodles, or rice. Or some of each. I don’t use a lot of recipes I cook from my pantry of left overs in frig.

  7. I make that casserole as a layered casserole with bread slices. Much less time to make it. You layer the bread in bottom of casserole, then cook sausage, layer on top. Whip about 8 raw eggs (you don’t have to cook them) pour over sausage and bread. Top with grated shredded cheese. Can keep in fridge overnight and bake in morning.

  8. From reading these posts, it sounds like this type of casserole in many forms is a go to for all of us!
    Thanks for the recipe – never tried it with bread cubes before.
    Love and prayers

  9. This is very similar to our Christmas egg casserole, all the same ingredients but put together a little differently. Mine calls for 1/2 and 1/2, I use half milk and half 1/2 and 1/2. Makes it richer. I also butter my bread before cutting it into cubes, then put that layered in the bottom. I mix in a can of chopped green chilies into the eggs mixture, pour on top of the bread cubes and put it in the fridge overnight. It puffs up kind of like a soufflé when it cooks, but then deflates when it comes out of the oven. It’s a favorite here and I usually don’t have leftovers to freeze.

  10. I keep my bread in the freezer until needed. My son, who lives alone, doesn’t eat much bread but likes to keep some on hand. He was able to find half-loaves of bread at his local big box store. I have suggested that he can separate a regular size loaf into more usable amounts and freeze them, but he likes getting the half-loaves.

  11. This sounds like a simple and easy recipe, and I love how you can make it ahead and bake when needed. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Jo – I have a recipe very similar to this, except it’s made in layers and the egg mixture is poured over the top. You refrigerate it overnight, then in the morning, mix a can of cream of mushroom soup with a can of milk and pour over the top. Then bake. We love it! My mom always made that and orange julius (remember those?!) on Christmas morning.

  13. Thanks Jo, must try.
    I have a go-to recipe from Intermediate School using older bread which I make to this day – in my 70’s.
    Quantities are small but can be added to until comfortable with it.
    Cheese pudding
    Breadcrumbs – 1 teacup
    Grated Cheese – 1 – 3oz
    Milk – 3/4 Breakfast cup
    Egg – 1
    Salt and pepper to taste.
    Soak breadcrumbs in milk, add grated cheese, egg yolk and seasoning. Beat white of egg stiff, stir in lightly. Grease a pie dish, pour in mixture, cook moderate oven about 20 minutes.

    Nice with a salad, or hot vegetable mix.
    I use 3 – 4 slices bread, about 500ml milk, lots of cheese, 3 – 4 eggs, cook till setting but wobbly.

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