What I’m Making: Ritz Cracker Cookies

If you ever need a last-minute item to take somewhere that still looks like you “made” something, these cookies are it.  Young and old love them.

I’m going to share a new secret with you today…you can make them look festive to match anything you are celebrating so when you bring them somewhere people think you went all out and you really didn’t.

I am always surprised by how many people don’t know how to make these as they have a been a staple in our family forever!!

You need:
Ritz crackers (I have success with generic too)
Peanut Butter-typically I use creamy but crunchy was all I had
Almond Bark-white or chocolate depending on what you want

Put wax paper or parchment paper down.  I use waxed.  It’s cheaper.  All you need to do it put peanut butter between two crackers.
Carver, my grandson, was helping me and wanted to take pictures of me doing that so I let him.

It’s so simple.  I often make these… with my grandkids.  I’ll put the peanut butter on then have them “put a top on them”.

I typically use two sleeves worth of crackers.

We put a full package of almond bark into a microwave bowl.  We heat it for 2 minutes, take it out, stir, and heat it for a minute, take it out, and stir.  We keep putting it in heating and stirring until the almond back is completely melted.

On this day, we used white.  Typically we use chocolate.  Either way is good.

We dip the crackers into the melted almond bark and then shake off a bit of the almond bark.  Then we put them back on the waxed paper.

On this day, we had picked white almond bark so we could put Christmas sprinkles on the cookies and they would look more festive.

We made them for Halloween but put Halloween sprinkles on them.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to not freak out thinking I need to make fancy Christmas cookies.  I can take our old tried and true recipes and just make the frosting or almond bark white and then add sprinkles.  The kids love me every time and think the plain things are fancy.  Sometimes it’s more about presentation than being fancy.

I’m sure we’ll make them for Valentine’s and put Valentine’s sprinkles on them.  It’s so easy and the kids love it.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Ritz Cracker Cookies”

  1. We’ll, 70 years old and this is the first time seeing or hearing of these cookies. They will be made this week! We love Ritz crackers and peanut butter so what could be better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so good. I used to make them but haven’t for several years. I need to make them again. Oh, I miss have grands around to do those kind of things with or for!

  3. We made these at Christmas too – we were dipping pretzels, some in white chocolate, some in dark so we dipped half of the ritz sandwich in white bark first and let them set up while finishing up the white chocolate pretzels and cereal nut clusters. Then we melted the dark chocolate and dipped the ‘undipped’ half into the dark so they were half white/half dark. What I liked the most about doing this – my utensil did get coated with bark and they were pretty fun looking too. We love these!

  4. These are sooo good and such a favorite with our family! I make them with chunky peanut butter, white almond bark and decorate for whatever holiday it is. I also thin the almond bark a bit with a tablespoon or so of solid shortening (crisco). Jo, I so love and enjoy your blog. This is the first time I have commented but have followed you for awhile. Thank you for sharing your family and talents with us. You are an inspiration!! I am a quilter and cross stitcher I grew up in Iowa. Lisbon to be exact! My mother lives there yet and we visit fairly often. Thanks again!!

  5. SusanfromKentucky

    Have you ever tried eating marshmallow cream on Ritz crackers? It’s SO good. Used to eat them with my aunt years ago. I think she started eating them in between making Ritz Cracker pie, which is also great!

  6. Somehow I missed your post on making pefferneusse cookies. I immediately “saw” Granny making these for Christmas. She made them in a huge green, crock bowl (I recently gave the bowl to my daughter) and the dough filled it. It was my job to make the cookies. I had to grab a bit of dough and roll them into a marble sized (not a shooter, just regular size) ball. According to Granny’s strongly stated opinion, rolling the dough into ropes and cutting it was cheating and should be “against the law.” In my strongly stated child opinion, she made the very best “pepper nuts.” And there were a lot of pepper nuts being made in Denison, Iowa and Crawford County every Christmas. And, yes, I am very much aware of and acuainted with Ritz Cracker sandwich cookies,too.

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