What I’m Making: Rhubarb Cookies

Periodically over time, I’ve seen recipes for Rhubarb Cookies. For some reason, that didn’t sound the best to me. I thought chunks of rhubarb in a cookie would be odd. Then the other I saw, yet again, another recipe for rhubarb cookies.

I read through the recipe and it said to put the rhubarb into the food processor to get it chopped finely. Oh…that sounded much better. So I gave them a try.

The dough was really thick.

The recipe said to bake them for 15-18 minutes. I only had them in for 14 minutes.

All of you with OCD are probably upset about my picture with an uneven amount of cookies. I had enough left for one more cookie and decided that I’d just squeeze it in.

They came out looking like this.

There is a frosting for them…

The true test is always, how do they taste? Kalissa, my daughter, and her boys came over while I was baking them. They all loved them. They had seconds and thirds. I liked them but my preference is a chewy cookie. These were cake-like cookies. If you like cake-like cookies, definitely give these a try.

I will for sure make them again but I’ll always plan to send some home with the family that is here. If you are interested in giving these a try, you can find the recipe HERE.

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  1. Jo, I am only getting a readable blog from you occasionally. Usually it’s just black print with symbols – gibberish. I haven’t been able to get into the auction site without getting that. I don’t think it’s happening on my end because other blogs I subscribe to are fine. Thanks for checking into this. I love your blog and don’t want to miss a thing.

  2. Bonnie Hendrickson

    I can’t get into the auction one either and another one. Kind of frustrating when it says it is ending soon. Don;t be too surprise if there aren;t many bids.

  3. Gibberish for me too. Using a iPad and safari.Yesterday all were gibberish,but today I get Rays valor quilt blog which was gibberish yesterday.I can’t figure it out

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