What I’m Making : Rhubarb Brownies

I was scrolling Facebook and a friend of mine shared a brownie recipe in her feed. Hmm. That’s unusual, typically I don’t hear about chocolate and rhubarb going together but I do hear about rhubarb going in lots of fruit-flavored desserts. Well, that was enough to do it to me. The recipe sounded different. I had the ingredients…so yes, I had to try it.

Okay…the recipe was even more odd than I thought. The recipe said to brown the butter. I’ve never done that before either. Hmm.

Even though I had to do the extra step of browning the butter, it was still a quick recipe because while the butter was first melting, I was able to chop the rhubarb…

The dry ingredients…then I added the egg and milk too.

By then the butter was browned so I added that in and mixed it all up. After that, I folded in the rhubarb…

and put it all in a 9″ x 9″ pan.

I popped them in the oven at 350 degrees for 22 minutes.

I tried the brownies…They are very good! They are a nice moist, rich brownie. You’ll have to give the recipe a try.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Making : Rhubarb Brownies”

  1. Debra Hageman

    I made them a couple weeks ago. The sour of the rhubarb was a definite turn off mixed with chocolate! I ended up throwing them away!

  2. These are just weird enough that I have to try them! Maybe using dark chocolate would counteract the tart of the rhubarb? Add a little more sugar to counteract the dark chocolate? Lol

  3. Marlene Clausen

    Oh, how I miss rhubarb!! Here in the “hot” South we don’t have snow, rhubarb, and French Lilac bushes. Want to guess which one I don’t miss??!! The garden at my Iowa house had 15 rhubarb plants . . . yes, 15! The previous owner made rhubarb wine. I just happily supplied the whole town. I’m just a crazy enough Iowa baker who would, if I were still at home, try these.

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