What I’m Making: Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

I usually save recipes for Saturday night posts but I thought I would drop this recipe, Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles in right here so you have time to make them before the pumpkin spice season passes.

I have a regular Snickerdoodle recipe that you can find HERE but thought to up the anti and try these…Who can resist pumpkin spice??  NOT ME!  THIS is the link to the recipe I tried!

I’m in love with my Kitchen Aid mixer.  I’ve had it for YEARS…likely 15 years or more.

The dough is thick and requires refrigeration…only for an hour.  Oh, I hate waiting that hour but for these, it’s totally necessary.

I’ll admit, I tried the dough.  YUM!!

I have these handy… stretchy lids…perfect for a job like this.

While the dough was cooling I mixed up pumpkin spice and brown sugar to roll the dough in.

I was already anticipating cookie goodness!!

Here’s the first batch ready for the oven.

Oh my, don’t they look good??

I didn’t have any taste testers here…well, these three think they are taste testers but they are not…so I had to taste them myself.

Oh my…YUM!!  They are definitely a cookie I’ll want to be making again and again, even it if it’s not pumpkin spice season.

You’ll have to try the recipe and let me know if you like them too.

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  1. I was surprised there was no pumpkin in this recipe! At first I thought I copied it down wrong, but nope! Wonder what would happen if I added a cup or so of pumpkin and adjusted the dry ingredients accordingly?

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