What I’m Making: Puffed Corn Crack

I was needed to use up some leftover things from Christmas that were in my pantry. I had some mini Christmas-colored M&Ms and some cashews. I also had some white almond bark that I had bought for Christmas candy making and never used. I tried to think of some way to use this all up and then it hit me to make Puffed Corn Crack.

This is so good and so easy. Whenever I have taken this to a potluck or served it with family around, it has been snatched up and eaten so fast. I never take any leftovers home…and you can add any kind of leftover chips, candies, or nuts to the mix.

I started with two bags of Puffed Corn. I’ve used different brands. This just happened to be the one at the store when I stopped. These were smaller bags so I got two…In the past I’ve used one really big bag. It doesn’t really matter, the recipe will work. I put the puffed corn into a big bowl.

In a microwave safe bowl, I put in the almond bark. I’ve melted a lot of almond bark in the microwave and I know for mine, 2 minutes melts it perfectly…your microwave might need a little more or less time.

Once the almond bark is melted, pour it over the puffed corn and stir.

Add in any kind of nuts or raisins or craisins that you want. I happened to have leftover cashews.

I stirred them in and waited just a couple of minutes. I needed the almond bark to cool a bit but still be sticky. The M&Ms needed to stick to the almond bark and puffed corn but not melt.

Once everything is mixed in, lay it out on waxed paper or parchment paper. Let it dry.

In 15 minutes it will be ready to break apart and eat.

It’s really good. I’d like to make it someday and only melt one or two squares of chocolate almond bark and drizzle that over the top. I haven’t done that but the next time I make it, I just might.

This is one of those “you can’t eat just one piece” sort of foods. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

8 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Puffed Corn Crack”

  1. I just use the 2 ingredients, puff corn and white almond bark. It tastes just like Jelly Bellies buttered popcorn jelly beans. Very addicting!

    1. Must be a Mid-West thing, I’ve never heard of “puffed corn,” or seen it in stores. We do have Cheetos Puffs, but they are all very cheese flavored. Is it tge same thing?
      (I live in the Pacific Northwest.)

      1. Look for Chesters Puff Corn. It comes plain or cheese flavored but use the plain (buttered) I’m in California and don’t always find it in grocery stores. Walmart usually has it and Dollar General stores as well. It’s similar to a Cheetos product in that it’s puffy but shaped like popcorn.

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