What I’m Making: Oyster Cracker Snackers

You might remember that I told you that our son Karl moved home for a few months until he finds a teaching job.  I’ve been making some of the “old favorites” because he’s been requesting them.  I love cooking for three again.  Some meals make too many leftovers if I’m just cooking for two..cooking for three is so much better.  Karl is working a factory job second shift so he grabs up the leftovers and really appreciates.  All in all, it’s a win-win.

One of his latest requests came when he was looking through the grocery flier.  He asked for Oyster Cracker Snackers.  Well that’s an easy one and to be honest, I had forgotten that I used to make them all the time.

Really all they are is oyster crackers that are made to be ranch flavored.  I was sure the childcare kids would like them too so I made a double batch.

They look like oyster crackers flavored with ranch….right??  It’s so quick and easy to make them.  I think it took five minutes to mix them up.

Here’s the recipe:
I’ll be making these again and again.  They are great for the guys to pack in their lunch and the childcare kids really liked them.  I’ve learned that the kiddos like anything and everything if ranch is involved.  Me, I love the dill flavor!!

These are awesome to take to a potluck or picnic.  They are really cheap to make…and quick too….you know for those times when you have to make something last minute.

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  1. That’s also good to use Cheez Its or mix Cheez Its and oyster crackers together. It’s a staple during football season at our house.

  2. I usually double the recipe and use about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cup oil for double recipe. I also add a dribble of Worcestershire sauce and after letting them dry a while, I bake them about 20 minutes. My family loves these and I do regular saltines the same way, also baking them about 20 minutes. Great with a cheese ball or spread. I have a bag of oyster crackers waiting for me to make some now. Somehow the other bag I got (for double batch) has gotten eaten.

  3. Yes, I used to make those whenever I was hostess for bunco (and maybe a couple of other occasions). It’s been a while..but I won’t be hostessing anything for awhile so I’ll probably forget by next time. lol

  4. I substitute Pam for the oil. I put the crackers in a bowl and gently turn with a rubber spatula until they are coated. Just add the seasonings and bake.

  5. There’s a recipe for them on Hidden Valley’s site and they only call for 1/4 Cup of oil. They also don’t call for the garlic salt either. So, I would guess you could lighten up on the oil quite a bit if you wanted.

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