What I’m Making: One-Pan Sloppy Joe Mac

For Christmas I bought myself two things…that wool kit I showed you earlier and this Pioneer Woman Cookbook. You can find the book HERE.

I’ve told you that I love cookbooks. I love old church-type cookbooks but my absolute favorite has LOTS and LOTS of pictures. The Pioneer Woman Cookbooks fall into that latter category.

Back in January before I was being treated for my cancer, I started paging through the book and decided that the very first recipe that sounded good and I had all the ingredients for, I was going to make. I landed on this…

I love noodle dishes…This is One-Pan Sloppy Joe Mac

What’s not to love about one pan cooking? Some recipes say there are but this one truly is.

I was so happy. I got to use my new knives for chopping. My boss at work bought all of us knife sets for Christmas. Oh my. What a treat to cook with good knives!!

I am so used to boiling noodles before combining ingredients but it totally worked to just add them in hard. I covered them to simmer and stopped and stirred a few times.

Here it is all finished. I will make this when the grandkids come. I know they will like it.

I sure liked it!! This would be good to take to a potluck.

So far, I’ve only made one recipe in the book. I’ve enjoyed paging through though. I will be sure to try more recipes once I’m back to “normal” and can eat what I want.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Making: One-Pan Sloppy Joe Mac”

  1. My grandson might like it, and if I used whole grain macaroni and no sugar added ketchup my husband could eat it. Did you use canned bouillon or better than bouillon?

  2. This looks good. I love one pan dinners. I’ll give this a go. Thanks for sharing and showing the whole recipe. I reckon the grandkids might like it.

  3. This looks good but I am used to making the original Sloppy Joe and I would never put ketchup or sugar in it. Actually I may make my recipe and add the noodles.

  4. I really like the Pioneer Woman cookbooks. I have all of them. And the family story she tells in all of them keeps me going back for more! I have marked 2 or 3 recipes from each book that I keep using.

  5. This sounds like a very good meal. I think every recipe I have ever made of the Pioneer Woman’s, I have really liked. I have not looked through this cookbook yet. Hopefully my sister has it and I can check it out (my sister buys all her cookbooks).

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