What I’m Making: Individual Tortilla Egg Cups

I told you in an earlier post that cooking for one STINKS. It’s so easy to eat not healthy things and call the meals “good enough”. I’ve been on kick to try to do better so when I saw this recipe on Instagram, I decided to try it. I have no idea where it’s from and feel bad as I don’t know how to credit the maker. It’s funny. I just read that Judy at Patchwork Times tried these same Tortilla Egg Cups. We must have both seen the same reel. HA!! You can read Judy’s review of the recipe HERE. Judy’s look much nicer than mine being she didn’t cut her tortillas into as thin of strips as I did.

I cut tortillas into strips and put them into a greased cupcake tin.

Then I scrambled five eggs and poured it over the tortillas.

Next I added some precooked bacon.

Then a little bit of cheese.

They went into a preheated 350 degree oven for 20ish minutes. Oops. I filled them too full. The eggs expand as they cook and I didn’t think about that. I have some oversized muffin tins and I think I’ll make them in that next time.

Notice I said next time. That means I like them and will make them again. They heated up great so I can take them to work with me for lunch.

I’ve been eating all of the flavored cottage cheeses and this was perfect for quick and easy to round off my lunch.

I think I’ll try these with the grandkids. With some help, I think they could make them themselves and then we can have more toppings so they can pick which ones them want. That will be fun…and tasty too.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Individual Tortilla Egg Cups”

  1. Debra Broyles

    i’ll have to try your tortilla egg cups. they look delicious to me. i hope you are doing well Jo. praying nightly for you and hope your next round of tests show great numbers. Jo i didn’t see your Friday post of a cross stitch update. was there one that i missed? God bless you Jo. enjoy all of your time spent with Jerry. he sounds like an awesome man. blessings and love on the way to you.

  2. Ooo, stir some cottage cheese into the beaten eggs! Tastes great while adding creaminess and extra protein!

  3. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I make something similar to these but don’t add the tortillas. I just beat some eggs and add whatever veggies I want peppers, chopped spinach, ham, shredded cheese, onion, some pepper and other herbs -whatever I feel like at the time. I put that mixture into muffin cups. Top with a little more cheese and bake. Basically a frittata but individual. I cool them completely and freeze them between layers of parchment paper. So handy to take out of the freezer and pop into the microwave.

    1. I make the same ones as you, Teresa. They’re handy for my husband to take with him when he’s working late on the farm.

  4. These were yum. Made for breakfast this morning, we had company but worth a try. I had deli ham and rolled up with the tortillas. Had lots of mushrooms so chopped and cooked in butter. Had leftover whipping cream and added to eggs. I cleaned out my fridge, impressed our guests and had a wonderful breakfast. Thank you.

  5. I also cook for one, no fun. But I have three I don’t want to cook dinners, based on store bought frozen patties. Black bean, salmon and chicken which take less time to make than driving to a fast food place and back home. Also I cook the patties and veggies in the same skillet. I top the bean with salsa and have a large veggie salad. When the salmon or chicken patties are almost done I add frozen veggies to the skillet.

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