What I’m Making: Egg Rolls

You might remember that I said I made egg rolls for Easter. I know it’s an odd thing to make but it’s a family favorite and I really enjoy making them. They look like they might take some work but really, they are easy.

You need to make some type of filling. I browned…

a pound of seasoned pork sausage, a half bag of shredded carrots, a half bag of coleslaw mix, a chopped onion, and two diced celery sticks. Then for spices, I added some ginger, salt, and pepper…and of course some soy sauce.

Kalissa recently got me to using Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce and I did that this time. Once that was all together it looked like this…

I buy egg roll wrappers. They are in the produce section of the grocery store. I lay a scoop of filling on the diagonal.

Next, roll it up like a burrito. I keep water close and dip my finger in the water, then put water on the corner of the egg roll and finish rolling it up. The water acts like glue and egg roll will stay closed.

My batch made this many plus three more that were already in the pan frying.

I put canola oil in the pan, about a 1/2″ or so. I make sure it is good and hot on medium to high heat. Here they are frying. I watch them and turn them with tongs as each side browns. It doesn’t take long so keep an eye on them.

Our family often eats them dipped in Yum Yum Sauce. You can find that in the “oriental” section at the grocery store.

I started making these when the kids all lived at home. Once they all moved out, I didn’t make them as often as my husband preferred meat and potatoes. Ethnic food that focuses on veggies was not his thing at all. Now I’ll be making them often again…everyone here loves them.

If you have kiddos at home to help with cooking, these would be great to make. You can all hang out in the kitchen and roll up some egg rolls. If you have other suggestions for egg rolls, I would love to hear them.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Egg Rolls”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Yummmmm, you could make a desert dish with any kind of pie filling. Or meat and veggies. The wraps are good for any kind of food that’s cut fine.

  2. Have you tried cooking them in the air fryer?

    A popular filling around here is black beans, chicken or ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning, cheese and avocado, then dip in salsa or salsa mixed with ranch. You can also leave the avocado out and dip them in ranch made with a smashed avocado. They’re usually called something like Southwestern egg rolls if you want to see a menu description or recipe. So good.

  3. Another yummy looking food! My first husband and I used to make them. He worked with a Chinese gentleman and he would make them and sort of taught some of us how to do it. You reminded me that I should make these again.

  4. I make egg roll too …I add a couple 2 Table Spoons peanut butter and use ground turkey
    In them . Along with the shredded coleslaw ,onion, celery . Very easy .yum

  5. I am glad someone already asked about the air fryer.. and the dessert idea sounds pretty good also. I a going to be checking out the liquid aminos. Soy sauce is just so salty for seniors.

    thanks for another terrific idea.

  6. I 2nd Mexican Egg Rolls. got the idea/ recipe years ago from an author, Diane Mott
    Davidson, who wrote a series of books about a caterer in Colorado named Goldy.
    Very fun reads w catchy titles like “Sticks and Scones”, “Dying for Chocolate” etc
    Each book had several recipes in the back. Just picked up her cookbook compilation of mystery recipes “Goldy’s Kitchen”. Check it out, good reads and good eats.

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