What I’m Making: Easy Banana Chip Cake

I took a magazine to bed with me the other night.  It’s a regular occurrance.  I like to look at something before bed and magazines are perfect.  I get lots from all of you but also buy them at the thrift store occasionally.  They are only 10 cents there.  I get great enjoyment for only 10 cents.

This page caught my eye…specifically the Easy Banana Chip Cake.

I read through the recipe.  Oh, it uses a box cake mix.  I have some that need to get used.

Perfect.  I was going to make the cake the next time I had “bad” bananas.

I came downstairs the next day and look…I had “bad” bananas.

It was time to try the recipe.  I forgot the chocolate chips so had to add them in at the very end.

The cake came out great.  I ended up making some cream cheese frosting for the top.  YUM!

The cake was a hit.  I’ll be making it again when the stars align and I have a cake mix and “bad” bananas.  It tastes much like banana bread and is dense like that.  The only real difference is the frosting to make it seem more like cake.

The kids liked it too!!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Easy Banana Chip Cake”

  1. Lol, we ALWAYS have bad bananas!! Even though we only ever buy a max of 4. Banana bread with applesauce seems to be a staple at this house. chocochips are a bonus surprise!

  2. I have 2 bananas that need to be used up, this recipe is perfect. I will make it into muffins, easier to share with the neighbors. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I went to a “Ben Franklin” this past week at a girlfriends small town. They had a ton of quilting magazines for $.10. Someone was moving to Florida. I only bought 37. My mom was with me and loved a quilt on the cover of one so then we had to go over to the fabric area and buy fabric for it. The owner said “Maybe I should more the magazines closer to the fabric.” We all laughed. What a fun outing.

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