What I’m Making: Dirt Cups

My two afterschool childcare kiddos have been bugging and bugging me to make dirt cups. Every time for about two weeks they would come and say, “What’s for snack?”. I would tell them and they would say, “Oh, you didn’t make dirt cups?” Nope. No dirt cups.

Are you wondering what dirt cups are? They are crushed Oreos with chocolate pudding and gummy worms. That’s super appetizing for a kid…for me, not as much. I thought I would share the recipe anyway because I know many of you have kids in your life and you’d really impress them if you made these…or make them together. It’s the perfect project for making with a kid.

Here’s what you need…

I just buy the store brands…oops, you need…

gummy worms too.

I crushed up Oreos by putting them in a bag and crushing them with a rolling pin. Then I put some in the bottom of a bowl.

Next follow the directions on the package and make the chocolate pudding. Pour it into the bowls covering the crushed Oreos.

Add more crushed Oreos over the top and then place some gummy worms on top. Doesn’t it look like worms in dirt??

The kids all loved it.

Here is Gannon, my grandson trying his out.

It’s easy to have the ingredients on hand…it’s something fun to do together and kids love it!! So it’s a winner recipe in my book.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Dirt Cups”

  1. My oldest Grandson (18 & graduating!!!) requests “worms & dirt” for his Birthday cake EVERY year! My daughter always asks him, but gets the same answer every year! I guess if you don’t have any in between birthdays, Lukas figures it’s his only chance? Just makes me laugh that he still wants it from Mom! She makes hers in a 13 x 9 pan for whole family. Thanks for the reminder-Lukas’s Birthday is couple weeks after Christmas, so you get a bit of “summer” in January. Hugs,

  2. This is so yummy looking. I wish I had some kiddos around to make these for. I like gummy worms (not bears), so I often have some in the house. Maybe I should make these for myself!

    1. If gannon keeps growing & changing, he’ll be a young man before we know it!!! He has changed so quickly since I have watched you on my phone. All of your grands are awesome.

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    My grandkids love Oreo cookie salad/dessert. Even with the vanilla cookies. I actually like the vanilla cookies, vanilla pudding and cool whip better than the chocolate.
    Did you get a bunch of snow? Winter doesn’t want to part with us!

  4. Dirt Cake –with gummy worms is my grandaughter’s favorite
    Birthday cake!! I think it’s been the ONLY birthday cake she’s ever had!!!
    Chocolate cake with the gummy worms in it –(as far as I know!) I don’t know if they put crushed Oreos in or not!!

  5. Teresa from Port Coquitlam

    I totally forgot about that treat, we called it “dirt for dessert”. I think I make it for a birthday one year instead of a cake. I will have to remember to make it when my new grand daughter is old enough to enjoy it. Have a wonderful day.

  6. My husband and son ask for this every year for their birthdays. We make ours with chocolate Oreos and vanilla pudding instead of chocolate pudding. Still delicious either way!
    A funny story: my husband and I were on a trip to Tennessee (we live in WA state) one year over his actual birthday and he was bummed that he wasn’t going to get dirt cake on his birthday. We were on a drive that day just touching the corners of other states near us, and decided to stop at a Piggly Wiggly in Mississippi for snacks. I was shocked and very pleased to find dirt cake in the deli case all made up, just the way we like it without gummy worms! Amazing! Someone was looking out for my husband’s birthday, even with us on the other side of the country!!

  7. My husband and son ask for this every year for their birthdays. We do vanilla pudding/cream cheese mixture instead of chocolate pudding, but it’s still delicious either way.
    A funny story: One year, we were traveling in Tennessee over my husband’s birthday and he was bummed that he wasn’t going to get dirt cake. We were out for an enjoyable day of driving and crossing into neighboring states that touch TN. We stopped at a Piggly Wiggly (first time in one of those for us, since we are from WA state) for snacks and I was surprised and filled with glee to find dirt cake, just the way we make it, in the deli cooler! I squealed and grabbed it to show my husband as the clerks and other customers looked on wondering about my excitement. We bought it and enjoyed eating probably 2/3 of it on our drive back to Nashville in the dark. Someone was looking out for even an unimportant thing like dirt cake for my husband’s birthday!

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