What I’m Making: Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

There is an awesome website called Iowa Girl Eats.  You can find it HERE.  It is written by an Iowa girl (GO IOWA GIRLS!!) and she has some of the best recipes.

I started reading her blog long ago, got disconnected from it somehow, and thanks to my high school best friend’s mom (Hi Judy-thanks!!) I got reconnected to it.  The posts come in my Facebook feed nowadays and I just love it.

Her recipes typically have a gluten-free spin to them BUT, they are made with “normal” easy-to-find ingredients.  The recipes always look very delicious and most often use items that seem a little more healthy…you know, veggie-packed but not the old standby mushy canned green beans.

The other day her Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom Soup came up in my Facebook feed and I happen to have a pack of mushrooms in the refrigerator that needed attention so…I decided to make the soup.

She made her version on the stove…me, I used the Instant Pot.  You can find her recipe HERE.

I sauteed my mushrooms in butter as suggested only did it in the Instant Pot using the saute feature.

I took out the mushrooms and added the other veggies as her recipe suggested.  I didn’t have the dried wild rice blend so I added a hand full of rice I did have…

Then dumped in… this can of wild rice that has been languishing in the pantry.

I didn’t have chicken broth so I mixed up some of this…my new favorite chicken bouillon.  Find this kind near the Mexican section in your grocery store.

I added the mushrooms

I had a little bit of leftover chicken from a rotisserie chicken so I added that…I also had a pack of this in the pantry so put that in too.  (I’m back to challenging my pantry again.)

I hit the rice button and let the rice cook then released the pressure.

Then I added cream.  She suggested you can use any type of milk.  I happen to have cream that needed to be used so cream it was.

The soup was fabulous.  I made some modifications but nothing too different.  Kalissa stopped by to pick up the boys and I told her I made it and asked if she wanted to take some home.  She said, “Is this Iowa Girl Eats recipe?”  I said yes.  She laughed and said that she had bookmarked the recipe too.  HA!!

We made a pact that both of us are going to pick out two recipes from her site and try them, sharing the food with the other so that way we can try more recipes.  I’m really excited by the prospect.

This soup was really good and I highly recommend it and the website, Iowa Girl Eats.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom Soup”

  1. This soup sounds wonderful! I hope to try this. I have all the ingredients except carrots, but will try soon Thanks for sharing and introducing us to Iowa Girl Eats. I think I will be visiting her website often.

  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1989. Back then there was no internet, but some newsletters available. Over the years I have found some good recipes and websites. Iowa Girl Eats is one of my favorite sites! I get the newsletter and have tried the creamy wild rice mushroom soup, I absolutely love it. I am allergic to so much food and can not even have anything out of a can. This recipe is my go to. Now I am hungry for it after your pictures.

  3. Iowa Girl Eats is wonderful!!! Love her recipes. Our family is full of allergies and her recipes work for us. Check out her salads too…awesome! Chicken wild rice soup is awesome!! Jo I haven’t tried the mushroom soup but will have to! Yum! Plus, boy did I learn something! I had no idea you could buy wild rice in a can! Interesting!

    Love your blog Jo! Love your family! Thinking about Kayla…haven’t seen any updates from her for a while! How is little Jasper?

  4. The soup looks delicious, it makes me hungry just reading about it. My guild was thrilled yesterday at your generosity of tops, I will send pictures when we finish them. Thanks again!

  5. Quilting Sister in NC

    Looks yummy!
    I wish your friend would tell me how to get Barbara Brackman’s 2 blogs again … I loved receiving her posts by e-mail, and have no idea why they stopped coming mid-summer. Her two blogs weren’t discontinued, since Google will pull them up … does anyone know what’s going on with the subscription process there?

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