What I’m Making: Cranberry Chip Cookies

Blog reader Celesta sent me an Amish cookbook.  I was so happy to get it.  I love cookbooks and I especially love Amish and church cookbooks.  These are typically tried and true recipes.  I really was excited for this book as there are many different cookie recipes.  When Kramer, my husband, was living, I made lots of cakes and bars.  Now, cookies are better.  I can freeze them and nothing goes to waste.  Here is the recipe…

Here are the directions:

I used my trusty…
chopper.  I use this to chop nuts and lots of other things. (You can find one HERE on Amazon)
I added the pecans, nuts, and chips into the dough.

Then after I had them scooped onto the pan, I added more chips on top.

I made big cookies so I increased the oven time a little big.  Don’t they look good??

I tried them first out of the oven.  They were okay.

I tried them an hour later… I like them better.

I honestly really, really, liked them the next day.  I know that seems weird but it’s true.  I don’t know if the flavors blend more, or if it’s easier to taste the cranberries later.  Whatever it is, these are fabulous.  I’ll be making them again.

I thought they might be more of an “adult” cookie but the childcare kids liked them too!!  That batch didn’t last long.

Thanks so much for the cookbook Celesta.  I’ll be making more things with it!

10 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Cranberry Chip Cookies”

  1. The cookies look and sound delicious! I think those would be something my hubby would like but the problem would be that I would too!

  2. I make muffins with craisins and chocolate chips in them with crunch topping and a light confectioners sugar glaze. I call them “sweet tart muffins!” They are yummy, too.

  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I like the idea of cranberries and nuts so this is one I will add to my list. I think the Amish and church cook books are so interesting to read.

  4. I’m curious about the scoop you used to scoop out the dough. Is it all metal? We’ve been using an ice cream scoop but the cheap plastic part broke off some of it’s tines and now is useless.

  5. There is an amish settlement near our lake house in northern Missouri. They sell a similar cookie they call a champion cookie. It has cranberries, white chocolate chips and pecans. They are my absolute favorite!!

  6. I have a similar recipe that has orange zest and coconut. YUM! Suppose you could add oatmeal if you aren’t a coconut fan. Thanks for the cranberry jello recipe too. Will give it a try, maybe with some orange juice swapped for some of the water. Love all your blogs and family updates and am glad that you are doing well!

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