What I’m Making: Cinnamon Chex Churro Snack Mix

Kelli, my daughter, was cleaning out her cabinets and came across a box of Cinnamon Chex that no one was eating.  She ended up bringing it to my house as Carver, my grandson is CRAZY about cereal.  She thought I could feed it to him.

I ended up flipping the box over and saw this… recipe for Cinnamon Chex Churro Snack Mix.

I read the directions and it looks easy and perfect for a fall-flavored snack.

It was super easy to make!!

The recipe calls for putting it out on parchment paper.  I use a towel.  It saves money and the environment.

I ended up putting extra chocolate chips in.  I didn’t have many almonds so added some peanuts.  The kiddos were more likely to eat peanuts anyway.

Here it is ready to eat.

I really liked it…the kiddos liked it too.  They like anything with Chex, cinnamon, and of course, sugar!!

We liked it enough that in the future I will purposely buy Cinnamon Chex and make this again.

This would be a great “make ahead” item if you are attending a gathering as the holidays approach.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Cinnamon Chex Churro Snack Mix”

  1. That sounds good! Who doesn’t like a good munchie snack. You are so good at improvising when you don’t have the exact ingredients. It sounds easy too – no oven time and stirring every 15 minutes!!

  2. I always love seeing the recipes you share! This one sounds great!
    I also enjoy your blog posts looking back to the past!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the Kramer family!!

  3. That does sound yummy. Cereal is my favorite food, and always has been. My parents would tell me that I was going to turn into a Crispy Critter. Do you remember those?!
    Happy Thanksgiving Jo!

  4. Sounds good – sent it to my daughter for the grands kids.
    Didn’t you used to have a recipe section at the top of your blog?
    Love and prayers

  5. Love the idea for children’s church and parties in general. When looking for the cereal on the app crossed the chocolate Chex and added a box of that to add in the mix. Thanks for all your great ideas. And hope your Thanksgiving has been blessed.

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